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Aeres Agree

"Based on the first impression, I would have said 'no'. But thanks to the results from The Bridge Personality, I was able to switch off my feelings and look with an open mind at what exactly we needed as an organization. The candidate has yet been accepted. ” This quote from a client says it all: the test helps to get the right candidate in the right place.

Aeres Agree
“Who am I? What am I capable of? And what do I want? "Because The Bridge Personality answers these kinds of questions, we at Aeres Agree can make the right match faster.”
Silvie van Aanholt, senior consultant - Aeres Agree

Aeres Agree is the labor market specialist in the green domain. Van Aanholt explains: “This is due to our more than twenty years of experience, but also to strong partnerships with the (agricultural) universities of applied sciences and our well-filled talent pool with both starting and experienced HBO and WO candidates. This allows us to quickly connect professionals with clients in the food, agribusiness, green space & environment and green education sectors. ”

A reliable and serious discussion partner

“Talent for growth, that's what we stand for,” Van Aanholt continues. “With The Bridge Personality we can live up to those words for candidates. In the test, they get to know themselves better and discover where their talents, ambitions and development points lie. The test also ensures that the right match can be made more easily. I can substantiate my advice to clients well, because based on the test I know exactly in what the candidate is strong - and in what he is not. And sometimes it happens that, on the basis of the test, I advise not to work with a certain candidate. This objectivity and honesty makes us a reliable and serious discussion partner for our clients. ”

Objective measurement of the candidate's personality

The value of The Bridge Personality, according to Van Aanholt, lies mainly in the conversation that can be conducted thanks to the test. “With the results of the test in your pocket, you can discuss difficult or sensitive topics. The test objectively maps out a candidate's personality. As a result, we as consultants can open the conversation about certain topics without it coming across as threatening or judgmental. An additional advantage is that the test excludes socially desirable answers from candidates and that it actually helps candidates who find it difficult to "sell" themselves. Because the test reveals even the smallest details about a person's personality, everything is open on the table. ”

The Bridge Personality, a complete method

Aeres Agree has been using The Bridge Personality for five years now. “Before we started working with TestGroup, we also tried other methods, but none were as complete as The Bridge Personality. The Big Five personality theory and Carl Jung's personality types are combined, which is unique, ”says Van Aanholt. “It is also very user-friendly for both the candidate - when it comes to making the test - and for us - when it comes to setting up the test and interpreting the results. And the cooperation with TestGroup as a supplier is also pleasant. Our HR manager Carlijn is kept well informed about new developments and if a client asks for another test, such as a capacity test, they think along well. TestGroup always switches quickly, and that is very important in our field. ”

This is what our satisfied customers say about us

“With TestGroup's online assessments, we can better support someone in their future role as a leader.”

Hans van den Brink, Radboudumc - Adviseur Leadership Development

Experience of Radboudumc with The Bridge Personality