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4 Colour Test

A 4 colour test measures personality in 4 different personality types: red, blue, green and yellow. The Bridge Personality is the best and most widely used 4 colour personality test by companies and organizations worldwide. No license/training required. Also for teams: convenient team report available. Highly suitable for HR and coaches. You can order this test individually (per candidate) or administer it through your own account on our online assessment platform.

Wat is a 4 Colour Test?

The 4-colour test (The Bridge Personality) provides insights into behavioral preferences using the easy and accessible 4-colour model (blue, red, yellow, and green). The test offers concrete tools for the development of work performance at individual, team, and organizational levels. A 4-color personality test that accurately maps the strengths of employees.

Benefits of this 4 Colour personality test:

  • The most-widely used 4-color personality test by organizations in many countries.
  • Suitable for teams: Useful team report available.
  • Flexibility in administration: Order per candidate or take advantage of a cost-effective subscription on The Bridge Assessment Platform.

The well-known 4 Colour model of personality

The well-known 4-Colour Model (blue, red, yellow and green). It provides insight into personal preferences in a memorable and easy to use way. It is precisely this simplicity that makes the model so popular: tell me what your first colour is, and I will then know how to best interact or communicate with you.

The 4 colours provide insight into one's reactions and behavior in a pleasant manner and help to understand why others exhibit different behaviors. Moreover, they are easy to remember and, during conflicts, they prevent the conversation from becoming too personal or uncomfortable. A colour doesn't pass judgment. Saying "I notice a lot of Red on a bad day" sounds much nicer than saying, "You're acting very pushy and dominant today."

Everyone uses all 4 of the colours to some extent, but the amount of a particular colour we use differs: we each have our unique colour mix. Depending on the situation, that order can change. In addition, everyone uses the colours with different intensity. Two people can have the exact same colour order. But if one person has, for example, a 63% preference for Blue, and the other has "only" a 51% preference, they will still exhibit different behavior.

4 Colour test - The Bridge Personality Colour

How can you order this 4 Colour Test?

On the order page, companies and organizations can order a 4-colour personality test (The Bridge Personality) for their candidate or employee. Unfortunately, the test is not available for individuals. When you order a test, we ensure it is ready for your candidate within 30 minutes. The test remains available until your candidate completes it. If desired, you can discuss the report with a TestGroup consultant by phone after the test is completed.

If you plan to administer many colour tests or assess large teams, we recommend setting up your own account on TestGroup's assessment system. If you wish to use The Bridge Personality colour test for your team, you can provide us with the names of all team members. We will then set up a test for each team member. After completion, you will receive individual reports for the team members and a team report for the team.

  • You can order The 4 Colour Test (for your candidate or employee) at our order page;
  • Your employee or candidate can access the test within 1 hour;
  • After completion, the report is available instantly;
  • High volume use? Get you own account on our online assessment platform.
  • Looking for a faster way to test the personality of your job applicants or employees? Then try the Short Personality Test.

Example report of the 4 Colour Test

For the 4 colour personality test, various reports are available. There is a 16 Jung Type report, a 4-colour report, or a 16 Jung Type + 4-colour report. These reports become available after a candidate has completed The Bridge Personality.

Example page of the 4 colour report

Features of the 4 Colour personality test

  • Comprehensive personality report;
  • A team report is also available;
  • Very suitable for coaching and development;
  • Can be used as a custom report: select the desired competencies yourself;
  • Measures whether your candidate has been honest during its completion;
  • Available in 20 languages, including Dutch, English, German, French, and Spanish.
  • Can be combined with a Cognitive Ability Test.

Optimize teamwork with the 4 Colour team report

The 4 Colour Test team teport is an invaluable resource for enhancing team collaboration and efficiency. It's tailored to improve problem-solving, communication, and conflict resolution within teams. Offering a comprehensive overview of a team's strengths and areas for improvement, this report is especially useful for managers. It provides clear insights into the team's dynamics, the most effective collaboration methods, and strategies for further development.

Sample of the 4-Colour team report

We invite you to explore our sample 4-colour team report. This detailed report covers the 16 Personality Types within your team, and provides individual 4-colour profiles for each member. Alongside this, you'll find practical exercises and helpful tips for both training and meeting sessions. To add, each team member will receive their personal 4-color personality test report, ensuring a comprehensive understanding that aids in boosting overall team performance.

4 Colour Team Workshop: do-it-yourself kit

Underperforming teams frequently turn to the 4-colour model as a means to improve their communication. The four distinct colours are not only easy to recall but also neutral, devoid of any biases or judgment. Interested in facilitating a team workshop or session utilizing the 4-colour test and team report on your own? We offer a DIY team workshop kit for this very purpose. This comprehensive package equips you with everything necessary to run a successful 4-colour team session independently.

Video: 4 Colour Team Workshop

Are you aiming to set new objectives with your team? Do you wonder about the areas that need refinement or where your team could use an added boost of enthusiasm? The Bridge Personality team workshop is designed to grant teams the clarity they need to excel. With our do-it-yourself team workshop kit, we provide everything required to host your personal team workshop. This kit incorporates an individual Bridge Personality report for the team members and a Bridge Personality team report for the team. The kit comes packed with all essential resources, allowing you to jumpstart your team-building session immediately.

The 4 Colour report

The 4 Colour Report provides scores on 34 competencies, determines the Jung Type and colour preference of the candidate, and scores on 8 general competences. This gives you the most complete overview of your candidate's personality. Do you want to use the 4 colour test in your team? For this you can use the 4 colour team report.

Video : Bridge Assessment subscription

The Bridge Assessment Platform offers you the autonomy to manage and deploy all Bridge tests and online assessments directly. Touted for its intuitive interface, this online platform ensures users can navigate with ease, eliminating the need for extensive training. The best part? You can dive in and begin almost instantly. Being web-based, it provides the flexibility to invite participants, oversee tests, and retrieve reports round-the-clock, irrespective of your global location. Plus, with availability in over 20 languages, it caters to a diverse audience.

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  • The test remains available until the participant has completed it.
  • After completion, the assessment report will be available immediately.

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Easy online payment after delivery of the test or online assessment. High volume use? Get your own account on our online assessment platform.

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