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Personality Type ISFP: Peacemaker

Peacemakers (ISFPs) live in the present and can enjoy silence. They take the time to experience every moment. They love the freedom to go their own way, have their own space, and manage their own time. Peacemakers can be trend-sensitive and are more likely than other types to be aware of new trends. Many Peacemakers are artistically inclined and engage in interior design, creating designs, or painting. They dislike conflicts and prefer not to do things that can easily cause conflicts.

Preferences of the ISFP:

  • Quiet, serious, sensitive, and kind
  • Loyal and faithful
  • Not interested in leading or controlling others
  • Flexible
  • Likely original and creative
  • Enjoy the present

How do others view ISFPs?

Peacemakers easily adapt. They are flexible unless something important to them is threatened. They care a lot about other people, showing this more through actions (help) than words. They are more inclined to observe and support than to organize. They dislike dominating others. They sometimes tend to avoid decisions or underestimate their own achievements.

Others view ISFPs as:

  • Skilled
  • Representative
  • Flexible
  • People with a sense of humor
  • Creative
  • Helpful

Pitfalls and development points of the ISFP:

When ISFPs find themselves in a place where they cannot use their characteristics and talents, they can sometimes:

  • Reject or not take logical systems seriously
  • Feel incompetent to process complex matters
  • Overlook the broad context of a decision
  • Work less carefully and not finish things

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