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 The 34 Big Five competencies 

The Bridge Personality has been the most widely used Big Five personality test in many countries around the world for 15 years. Based on the Big Five theory, this test is recognized as the most effective for personnel selection and recruitment. According to the Big Five theory, personality consists of five fundamental traits, known as the Big Five: Openness to Experience, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Emotional Stability.

With The Bridge Personality, you gain a clear understanding of an employee's or applicant's Big Five personality traits. Participants spend about 45 minutes on the test. You can order this Big Five personality test on a per-candidate basis or manage it yourself through an assessment account on the Bridge Assessment Platform.

The Big Five personality theory is the most widely used personality theory in research and personality tests. Years of worldwide psychological research has shown that you can describe someone's personality by means of five dimensions, the so-called Big Five. These dimensions are openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and emotional stability. In The Bridge Personality, a Big Five personality test, these dimensions have been adjusted into four categories: Directing, Output, Attitude and Inspiration. Each of these categories contains three subcategories. These subcategories are divided into the 34 competencies of The Bridge Personality. The scores for these 34 competencies are shown in The Bridge Personality Big Five report.


Contact 1. Networking
2. Sociable

Management 3. Decisive
4. Guiding
5. Coaching
Influence 6. Convincing
7. Critical
8. Socially bold
Disposition 9. Methodical
10. Integrity
11. Action focused
Drive 12. Initiative
13. Career focused
14. Enterprising
Implementation 15. Detail focused
16. Results focused
17. Aware of rules
Social contact 18. Cooperative
19. Helpful
20. Considerate
Resilience 21. Avoiding conflict
22. Self-confident
23. Stress resistant
Flexibility 24. Openness to feedback
25. Positive attitude
26. Change oriented
Perception 27. Creative
28. Abstract
29. Strategic
Opinion 30. Insight
31. Practical
32. Inquiring
Evaluation 33. Analytical
34. Rational

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