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Personality Type ESTJ: Decision-Maker

ESTJs enjoy organizing projects, operations, and procedures. They are often traditional and organized. They like to lead people and enjoy completing projects. They live by a set of clear guidelines and standards. They will systematically strive to adhere to these, and they expect the same from others. They appreciate competent people and efficient processes, and they show their appreciation for these. Decision-Makers can collaborate effectively, as long as team members adhere to deadlines and perform their tasks.

Preferences of ESTJs:

  • Not interested in theories or abstractions unless they see the practical utility
  • Have a clear vision of how things should be
  • Loyal and hard workers
  • Prefer to be in charge
  • Skilled in organizing and running activities
  • Value security and peaceful livin

How do others view ESTJs?

ESTJs are often seen as individuals who bring matters to a successful conclusion. Others rely on decision-makers to devise systems, plans, and procedures and to make decisions when necessary. Decision-Makers communicate clearly and plainly, so others quickly know where they stand. They can be quite sociable and enjoy interacting with other people.

Others view ESTJs as:

  • Conscientious people
  • Reliable
  • Self-confident
  • Goal-oriented

Pitfalls and development points of the ESTJ:

When Decision-Makers find themselves in a place where they cannot use their characteristics and talents, they can:

  • Make hasty decisions without having studied the necessary information
  • Come across as strict and too linear
  • Have little patience with confusion or people who are inefficient
  • Only focus on matters that yield direct results
  • Be too focused on logic and too little on the emotions and feelings of people

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