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Organize your own team session with a personality test

Wednesday 05 June 2024

There are many factors that affect the connection employees feel with the company they work for. As an HR professional, you can surely list them effortlessly. Salary, working hours, the quality of the workplace are relatively easy to influence. These factors, Herzberg taught us, are dissatisfiers: if they are not in order, they work against motivation and loyalty. But once these are in order, you have to look at other factors. The satisfiers are harder to influence. These include things like meaning, appreciation, challenge and, of course, the bond people feel with their colleagues.

That it is important to do regular team building is nothing new. The phenomenon of "company outings" has been around for decades. By engaging in something other than work for a change, you get to know the person behind the colleague. So we go bowling, ride around on a solex or do a workshop cooking or making chocolates. All activities that are fun and which accelerate team development.

Do you want the team building day to contribute even more to team development? And do you want results that can be measured? Then schedule an activity that is deliberately designed to help the team perform better. No need to hire expensive outside experts for this. You simply organize a team session with a personality test yourself.

Personality test for team development: Know yourself, AND your team members!

TestGroup has used the well-known Bridge Personality test as the basis for a do-it-yourself package with which you can organize a team session on your own without much effort. You get all the tools you need to help the members of your team get to know themselves and each other better.

The Bridge Personality test offers insight into what motivates your employees. In preparation for the workshop each team member receives an individual personality test to fill out online.

Immediately after submission, the answers are analyzed, after which each participant receives a personal report. In this you will read exactly which personality type you are according to the Jung personality types and the Four Colors.

Personality of the team

Those individual reports are very valuable in themselves and can help start the conversation between them. By comparing the outcomes with each other, team members can better understand how the other works. This conversation helps tremendously in team development.

However, it only gets really interesting when the last team member has sent his or her answers. Then, in addition to the individual report, you also receive The Bridge Personality team report. In this you read the "personality" of the team according to Jung's personality types and the Color Wheel. You will also discover the diversity of personalities within the team, the team's strengths, pitfalls and action points.

Organize your own team session with a personality test in 5 steps

To make organizing your own team session with a personality test as easy as possible, we have created a simple step-by-step plan. In doing so, we take as much work off your hands as possible.

1. Order

Organizing a team session yourself begins, of course, with ordering the personality test and other necessary tools. You can easily place your order here.

2. Discuss

After we receive your order, one of our consultants will contact you to go over the team session and tools with you. We will prepare you perfectly for your role as workshop leader.

3. Fill out the questionnaire

After preparation, you can get started. The team members complete the (online) personality test and receive a personal Bridge Personality 4-color report and a description of their personality according to Jung's personality types. At the same time, the team report is prepared.

4. Go through the team workshop 

After each team member has completed the online personality test, we will contact you again to discuss the results. We go over the individual results, but focus mainly on further team development. We do this by phone or via Zoom.

5. Starter pack by mail

Meanwhile, we are sending out the starter pack. This contains all the materials, including the presentation sheets. You will also find in the package a handy booklet and the 4-color cards for each participant. Now you have received everything and are ready to hold the self-organized team workshop.

What will you discuss in the team workshop?

Every team is unique. This means that each team session in which a personality test is discussed is also unique. The goal of the team session is to use the personality test to accelerate team development. That is why you mainly discuss patterns in communication and behavior.

Team members gain insight into their personal preferred style and that of others, allowing them to communicate better and more effectively. Participants also learn to make optimal use of the diversity within the team. This increases team performance and challenges participants to further develop themselves.

And, one of the most important points, by talking about the differences, you create a more pleasant working climate, where everyone can be themselves.

This is what our satisfied customers say about us

“For Young Group, the results of The Bridge Personality tests do not only provide insights into recruitment. They are also a guideline for the long term, both for the manager and for the development of the employee.”

Anne Huijgen

Young Group