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Team Report: 16 Jung Types & 4-Colors

The Bridge Personality Team Report helps teams work together more effectively. Improve problem-solving, communication and conflict situations. The report provides a complete overview of the qualities of a team. It provides useful information for managers with clear answers to questions such as: What does this team look like? How does this team work best together? How can the team improve?

The Bridge Personality team report

The Bridge Personality team report is a practical tool designed to help you get a clearer picture of your team's dynamics. It combines your team's 16 Jung Types with the 4- color preferences of team members. To create the team report, everyone team member first completes their individual Bridge Personality test. The test-scores of all team members are then use to generate the Bridge Personality Team Report.

The team report applies the Bridge Personality model to your team. This approach gives each team member insights into how the team functions and how they fit into the bigger picture. Knowing about different personality types can also improve how team members interact with each other. The goal of the report is to help team members identify their strengths, pinpoint challenges, and find ways to enhance their performance.

There are two key parts to the Bridge Personality team report:

  • The Team's Jung Type: This is based on the 16 Jung Types and shows how similar or different team members are. It also highlights the team's collective strengths and weaknesses, problem-solving styles, and potential areas of conflict.
  • The Bridge Personality 4 color team wheel: This is based on the 4-color preferences (red, blue, green, yellow) of team members. It helps the team use their qualities more effectively while considering each other's preferences.

The Bridge Personality Team Report is tailor-made for you, tailored to the specific team, with input from all team members.

This report can help your team in several ways:

  • Identify and reduce blind spots.
  • Understand the team's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Enhance problem-solving skills.
  • Improve communication and manage conflicts better.
  • Develop strategies to boost team and individual performance.

A team that understands and works well together is more productive and effective than individuals working separately.

How to order a Bridge Personality team report

First, all team members complete The Bridge Personality test. Each team member receives a comprehensive report describing different aspects of their personality. Then, a handy team report is automatically prepared for the entire team.

  • Step 1: Order The Bridge Personality for all team members (select the 16 Jung Types + 4 color report);
  • Step 2: Order the team report for the team;
  • Step 3: Each participant completes The Bridge Personality;
  • Step 4: The Bridge Personality Team Report is automatically prepared for the team.
  • Step 5: If required: A TestGroup consultant will guide you through the reports by phone (or via zoom);

Features of The Bridge Personality Team Report

  • Favorably priced;
  • Based on the 16 Jung Types and the 4 known colors (The Bridge Color);
  • Available in many languages;
  • Can be used with a team workshop: do-it-yourself kit;
  • Concrete advice for improving problem-solving, communication and conflict management;
  • Practical tips and exercises;
  • Clear at a glance where the opportunities and possibilities of a team lie;
  • Very easy to use (online).

Sample of the Bridge Personality Team Report

You can check out a sample of The Bridge Personality Team Report. It features the 16 Personality Types of the team and the 4 personality colors representing each team member, including exercises and recommendations for sessions or training. Additionally, every team member gets their own personal personality test report.

Sample page: The team's Jung Type

Sample page: The team's 4 color wheel

Benefits of the Bridge Personality Team Report

  • Insight Into Your Team: Gain insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your team members.
  • Role Assignment: Identify the most suitable roles for each team member.
  • Can also be used as a team assessment.
  • Improve Communication: Enhance understanding of your colleagues and boost team communication.
  • Enhance Work Environment: Foster mutual understanding and cooperation, leading to a more enjoyable work atmosphere.

Organize your own team session with The Bridge Personality Team Report in 5 steps

To simplify organizing your own team session with a personality test, we've developed an easy-to-follow, step-by-step plan, aimed at minimizing your workload.

1. Order the personality test & team report for your team members

The first step in organizing a team session is to order the personality test and any other necessary tools. You can easily place your order here.  Once we receive your order, one of our consultants will reach out to discuss the team session and tools with you.

2. Fill out the personality test

Next, it's time to get started. Team members complete the (online) personality test and receive a personal Bridge Personality. Concurrently, the team report is being prepared.

3. Review the team workshop

After each team member has completed the online personality test, we will contact you to review the results and the presentation sheets of the team workshop. This can be done over the phone or via Google Meet.

4. Starter pack by mail

In the meantime, we will send out the starter pack. This includes all materials, such as presentation sheets, a handy booklet, and the 4-color cards for each participant. Once you receive everything, you are fully equipped to conduct the self-organized team workshop.

Sample reports

You will receive a Bridge Personality 16 Jung Type + 4-color report for each team member. This report is required by the participants during the team session. You will also receive a Bridge Personality team report for the entire team. Is the language spoken in your team English? No problem, we also have the reports available in English.

Video: team workshop: do-it-yourself kit

With the do-it-yourself team workshop package, you can now organize your own Bridge Personality team workshop. You will receive a do-it-yourself kit from TestGroup containing all materials needed to conduct your team workshop. A TestGroup consultant can assist you in going through the reports and the presentation of the team workshop. Once you’re equipped with the right tools, you’ll be ready to start working with your team yourself, at the time and place you choose - no external trainer required.

In four easy steps: get your candidate tested today

  • Order a test or online assessment from our order page.
  • Your candidate can start the test or online assessment within just 30 minutes.
  • The test remains available until the participant has completed it.
  • After completion, the report is available instantly.

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