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Character Test

The Bridge Personality test is the most widely used character test by companies and organizations globally. This character test is well-suited for both selection and recruitment, as well as for the development of your employees. It is available for purchase on a per-candidate basis or through a budget-friendly subscription.

What is a character test?

A character test is a test or questionnaire that measure the character traits of your candidate. A perfect tool for recruitment or selection of employees. Conducting a character test is important for any organization seeking the right persons for their teams. The essence of this test is to ask candidates relevant questions that reveal desired traits. The test is designed with algorithms that automatically adjust the questions when the candidate provides social desirable answers while completing the test.

How does the character test work?

The character test is designed with algorithms to gauge the honesty of the test taker, making it a reliable way to evaluate your candidates. The essence is to assess the traits that make an individual who they are: their words, their thoughts, their values, and their actions. Your focus is always to choose a candidate who portrays the most positive characters.

How to order a character test

  • The character test can be ordered for current employees or a candidate from our order page;
  • The candidates or employees for whom you ordered the test can access it in an hour;
  • The system automatically generates a report after test completion;
  • You have access to our TestGroup consultant to take you through the report for free;
  • We recommend that you open an account on our online assessment platform if you have a high volume of use.

Features of the character test

Most employers love conducting the character test as part of their recruitment and coaching planning. It helps give them confidence that they have the right persons on their team. The character test is flexible because you can add preferred competencies that you want to appear on the custom reports.

  • Designed for recruitment and development of your employees;
  • Compatible with the Bridge Personality team report;
  • Does not need any training to get started;
  • Can be used in combination with the cognitive ability test.
  • It supports 20 languages, including English, French, German, Dutch, and Spanish
  • The test gauges the candidate’s honesty at the time of completion
  • You can tailor the report to your preferred competencies
  • The test has a strong scientific backing

Character test: Example report

You can access an example report of the character test here. This detailed report begins by outlining the scores across 34 Big Five competencies, tailored for alignment with almost any job profile. It then reveals the participant's Jung Type. Following this, the report presents the scores in the 4-color model, showcased in an attractive color wheel format. The final page enumerates the scores in 8 widely recognized competencies.

The Bridge Personality test offers six distinct report types. For example, there's a Big Five report designed specifically for recruitment and selection purposes. Additionally, there's a Big Five + 16 Jung Types report (which excludes the 4-colors), a sales report tailored for commercial roles, and a team report suitable for team-building sessions.

Sample page of the character test report

Why organizations should us a character test 

Any professional should undertake the character test as it influences their career growth. The character test ensures that employers match employees with relevant responsibilities and make a conclusive employee development plan. The test incorporates algorithms that gauge honesty, meaning that you can always count on the results obtained to make crucial management decisions. The test results are a true and clear picture of your employee’s or candidate’s traits or 16 personalities.

Order the character test here

Once you have ordered the character test, your candidate or employee can start the test within 30 minutes. The report is available immediately upon completion.

  • You can order a character test (select: 'personality test) for your candidate or employee at the order page;
  • Available only to companies and organizations;
  • We will have the character test ready within 30 minutes;
  • The character test report is available immediately after completion;
  • Large volume? Then choose to administer in-house;
  • Available in 20 languages, including Dutch, English, German, French, and Spanish;
  • No mandatory training required.

Discover the honesty of your candidate with the innovative Normative-Ipsative Split Technology®

The Bridge Personality character test, a cutting-edge adaptive test, employs the Normative-Ipsative Split Technology®. This AI-driven method offers clear insights into a candidate's response tendencies. The Normative-Ipsative Splits®, featured in the report, reveal the extent of response manipulation at the competency level. This allows you to precisely identify areas where a candidate may have wavered or attempted to answer in a socially acceptable way. Such insights are crucial for evaluating candidates during the selection process, making this technology an essential component of the character test.

Character test for teams

The Character Test Team Report is an essential instrument for boosting team efficiency and cooperation. It emphasizes enhancing problem-solving skills, communication abilities, and conflict management, providing deep insights into a team's dynamics. This report is particularly beneficial for managers, offering clear answers to questions regarding the team's characteristics, most effective collaboration methods, and potential areas for improvement. Customized for each specific team, the report is created using inputs from all team members. Initially, each team member undertakes the character test, which is rooted in the well-established 16 Jung Types and a 4-color model of personality. This leads to individual reports that detail various aspects of each person's personality. Following this, a comprehensive team assessment report is meticulously prepared, encapsulating the collective strengths and opportunities for enhancement of the entire team. This personalized approach ensures that the report is not only a reflection of the team's current state but also a roadmap for ongoing development and increased team harmony.

Character test reports

As your employees and candidates complete the character test, the character test report will prove helpful when making decisions on how to act. The character test reports give insights that streamline coaching, recruitment, teamwork and achieving sales targets. You can also customize the reports to get specific information as desired.

The Bridge Assessment Platform

Video: administer the character test in-house

With an account on The Bridge Assessment Platform, you can easily administer the Bridge Personality character test and other assessments online, anytime, anywhere. This user-friendly platform is trusted by professionals in over 20 countries for its efficiency in inviting candidates and generating reports. Get started quickly—your account can be ready in just one day.

Order your test & online assessments here

  • Orders can be placed by companies and organizations from any country in the world.
  • We will email the login details to you within just 30 minutes.
  • The test remains available until the participant has completed it.
  • After completion, the assessment report will be available immediately.

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  • Your candidate can start the test or online assessment within just 30 minutes.
  • The test remains available until the participant has completed it.
  • After completion, the report is available instantly.

Easy online payment after delivery of the test or online assessment. High volume use? Get your own account on our online assessment platform.

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