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Online sales assessment

TestGroup's online sales assessment, developed in collaboration with Erasmus University, is the most widely used sales assessment in Europe. With this sales assessment, you can instantly gauge the commercial talent of your candidate or employee. It is highly rated by experts in the field. You can purchase the online assessment for each candidate individually. There are also cost-effective subscription options available. 

What is an online sales assessment?

Candidates for a commercial position often know how to sell themselves well. But can they translate those impressive words into top results in practice? With the online sales assessment, you gain an objective perspective on a candidate's commercial qualities.

The online sales assessment provides a comprehensive overview of a candidate's commercial strengths and potential risks in a clear and concise report. Within the report, you'll find scores related to the six stages of sales and scores for the four sales types.

A participant spends approximately 45 minutes on the online sales assessment. Upon completion, you will receive two reports: the sales report and the personality report.

The six steps of sales

In which phase of the sales process does your candidate excel? The sales report provides scores of the candidate on the six sales steps: 1) Planning & preparation, 2) Making contact, 3) Building desire, 4) Presenting the options, 5) Closing the deal and 6) Managing client relationships. With scores on these sales steps, you can build a better sales force in your organization.

The four sales types 

What sales type is the candidate? In the sales report, you'll see the scores of the candidate on the four sales types: Hunter, Consultant, Farmer, and Negotiator.

How to order an online sales assessment

  • You can order an Online Sales Assessment for your candidate or employee at our orderpage;
  • Only available for businesses and organizations.
  • We will have the online sales assessment ready within 30 minutes;
  • The report is immediately available after completion;
  • Companies and organizations can pay with an invoice afterwards;
  • High volume use? Get you own account on our online assessment platform.

Sample report: Online Sales Assessment

Check out a sample report of the online sales assessment here. This report provides scores on the 6 stages of sales: planning & preparation, initiating contact, creating needs, presenting solutions, making the deal, and relationship management. Additionally, it determines whether the candidate is a hunter, farmer, consultant, or negotiator. Alongside the sales report, the sales assessment also incorporates a detailed personality report. This report offers scores on 34 Big Five competencies.

Example page of the report

Features of the online sales test

The online sales assessment is an online tool that not only provides insights into personality, work behavior, sales skills and competencies, but also maps out the sales type of your seller. Is your employee a Hunter, a Farmer, a Consultant, or a Negotiator? Will your employee excel in the planning phase, or particularly shine in making the deal? The online sales assessment is the tool when you desire answers to these questions in a quick, clear, and reliable manner.

  • All commercial success and risk factors of a candidate listed;
  • You receive a clear and concise report;
  • The report presents scores on the six stages of sales and the scores on the four sales types;
  • Online, reliable, and scientifically substantiated;
  • Experience: TestGroup has been advising organizations for 15 years on the selection of commercial personnel with online sales assessments;
  • Widely used: the online sales assessment is used daily by hundreds of recruiters worldwide;
  • Speed: your candidate can be tested today.

Scientifically developed Sales Assessment, in collaboration with the Erasmus University

The online sales assessment has been scientifically developed by TestGroup and Erasmus University. TestGroup specializes in predicting sales success through personality questionnaires, among other things. We also advise numerous organizations, both domestically and internationally, on optimizing the performance of sales teams. TestGroup collaborates with various universities to publish scientific articles about sales success. You can view the scientific research about the sales assessment here

Guide: how to apply an online sales assessment for selecting sales personnel

Step 1: Determine the need

  • Begin by identifying the specific sales roles and responsibilities for which you're hiring.
  • Understand the qualities, skills, and behavioral traits you desire in a candidate.

Step 2: Choose the right assessment tool

  • Select an online sales assessment that is scientifically validated, reliable, and has a track record of predicting sales success. TestGroup's online sales assessment meets all these criteria
  • Ensure the assessment offers insights into different sales types and stages of the sales process.

Step 3: Set up the assessment

  • Register your organization for a subscription at TestGroup or order the online sales assessment here.
  • Purchase the required number of assessments based on the number of candidates you wish to evaluate.

Step 4: Invite candidates

  • Send out assessment invitations to shortlisted candidates. This can be done via email, containing a link to the assessment and any necessary instructions.

Step 5: Monitor completion

  • Track which candidates have completed the assessment. Send reminders if necessary.

Step 6: Review results

  • Once a candidate completes the assessment, review the results. Look for scores on the different stages of the sales process and their alignment with different sales types (e.g., hunter, consultant, farmer, negotiator).
  • Additionally, understand their personality traits, competencies, and potential strengths and weaknesses in a sales role.

Step 7: Conduct interviews

  • Utilize the assessment results to shape your interview questions. For example, if a candidate scores high as a "consultant", ask them about times they've advised clients and influenced decisions.
  • Challenge any areas where their self-assessment may not match your observations or other data.

Step 8: Make decisions

  • Use the assessment results in conjunction with other selection methods (e.g., interviews, reference checks) to make informed hiring decisions.
  • Remember, while the assessment provides valuable insights, it's one piece of the bigger picture.

Step 9: Onboarding and training

  • Use the insights from the assessment to tailor onboarding and training processes. If a candidate has identified strengths in "planning & preparing" but weaknesses in "closing the deal", ensure their training emphasizes negotiation and closing techniques.

Additional tips:

  • Encourage candidates to be honest in their responses; there's no "right" or "wrong" answer.
  • Consider a debriefing session with candidates after the assessment to discuss the results and gather feedback.
  • Remember that while assessments are valuable tools, they are most effective when combined with other evaluative methods.

Case study: using TestGroup's online sales assessment for recruitment 

Recruit salespeople who consistently deliver, eliminating the guesswork from your hiring process. Remember, utilizing TestGroup's online sales assessment can significantly enhance your recruitment strategy, saving money, effort, and time in pinpointing candidates who truly drive sales.

  • Situation: A candidate applied for an executive recruiter position. A hallmark of an effective recruiter is one who takes charge, navigating both clients and candidates through the journey of job placements. TestGroup's online sales assessment highlighted the candidate's strong relational tendency with a high yielder score of, but a low problem-solving score of. Yielder tendencies, while important for building rapport, can sometimes be a detriment if one is too inclined to avoid conflicts. Given that recruiters often encounter differing viewpoints and potential conflicts between candidates and clients, this could pose a challenge. The low problem-solving score suggested the candidate may lack patience in navigating through intricate scenarios.
  • Analysis: We advised the hiring manager to further probe into the yielding behavior and low problem-solving abilities using specific questions we provided. While our assessment offers insights, it doesn't dictate the final hiring decision. Many factors like cultural fit, track record, industry experience, management style, and more come into play.
  • Conclusion: This candidate was onboarded into a high-energy, training-focused environment. Initial investment in his development saw moments of success. Yet, over time, it became clear that he struggled with navigating complex scenarios, often engaging with mismatched candidates and showing signs of impatience. Seven months into the role, he chose to exit the company.

Sample reports

You will receive two reports with the online sales assessment: the sales report and an extensive personality report. This gives you a complete profile of your candidate’s sales skills. Seeing as TestGroup is a test publisher, we offer the online sales assessment in many languages. Of course, we are happy to advise you on the application of the online sales assessment for a specific sales position.

Video: The Bridge Sales Assessment

The Bridge Sales Assessment allows you to back up your gut feeling with validated science. This will prevent you from hiring a ‘false-positive’ and is the best way to reduce the odds of making a bad sales hire.

With the Bridge Sales Assessment you can choose the candidate with the greatest potential to succeed in a sales role. The online sales assessment lists all commercial success and risk factors of a candidate in a clear and compact report.

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