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Stress in the workplace: The burnout assessment tool

Wednesday 05 June 2024

Stress in the workplace: The burnout assessment tool

In recent years, stress among employees has become a major problem. Mental health comes under strain, as the combination of work and private life is a big puzzle for some. Often it is already too late when help is requested. It is therefore an important topic on the agenda of an HR department. Are your employees still comfortable in their own skin? Do they still enjoy their work? It is not only a big problem for the employee when the burnout strikes, it's also an important issue for you as a manager or human resources employee. A professional burnout test can be valuable in these situations.

Happiness at work is really important

People often identify themselves with their profession. So you can imagine that when there is little happiness at work, this has consequences on the general mood. Factors such as stress, work pressure, and self-development are important in a burnout, but all this is often noticed too late. Burnout complaints are systematically noticed too late, so that the recovery process takes much more time (and money). At the moment in which employees do not experience happiness at work for too long, there is even a chance that they will no longer be able to return to the original workplace after a burnout. Did you know that every year 17% of the Dutch labour force suffers from burnout complaints? That is almost 1 in 5 people, so almost every HR department has to deal with it.

Better safe than sorry

As we just said, a recovery process after a burnout costs a lot of time and money in most cases. That is why it is better to prevent burnout by signaling the complaints at an early stage. By means of the professional burnout assessment tool you are able to notice these signals in your employees, before the real burnout strikes. This way you not only prevent a gap in the relevant department, but also the inconvenience this means for your employee. According to ArboNed, a recovery process can quickly take up to 9 months, of which every day can cost an average of € 260. So not only is it important for the employee, but you will also prefer to avoid that cost item.

Causes of burnout

Mismanagement can be a factor for burnout, but rarely is it the main cause. Think, for example, of a high workload, long working days, and negative feelings, these are all kinds of important factors that can lead to stress and even burnout. An unstable home situation or problems in the private spheres can certainly contribute to this. Employees need these things to be kept in mind, but don't always dare to say their discomforts out loud. It can therefore be difficult for an HR employee to understand this sufficiently. In addition, there may also be a conflict of interest, because you know how much a sick employee will cost the company.

Why the burnout assessment tool?

The burnout assessment tool, also called The Bridge Burnout Indicator, gives you reliable answers. It has been developed by a team of scientists and professionals, who make an objective measurement by means of algorithms and questionnaires. A burnout manifests itself differently for everyone, making this a good basis for your burnout prevention policy within the company. It is difficult to recognize the symptoms in everyone. But not only a burnout can be prevented with this, the general job satisfaction also becomes clear. All important aspects to create and maintain a healthy company.

In the Benelux, the burn-out assessment tool of TestGroup is the most used, it is used as a tool to measure burnout. Because of the advantageous price and the flexible deployment, but also because of the completeness of the measurements. For example, we look at emotional overload and mental distance from work, but also at proactive vitality and involvement in the organization.

The advantages of the Burnout Assessment Tool:

  • Online tool, so that the employee can take the test anywhere and at a good time.
  • Within 30 minutes you have a clear and professional report.
  • Possibility to go through the report by telephone with our consultants.
  • Innovative technology, sees through socially-desirable answers.
  • Widely applicable, for both individual and structural use.
  • Quickly available, within 30 minutes the assessment is ready for the employee.
  • In case of a large purchase, there is an advantageous subscription.

What can you do yourself?

The burn-out assessment tool is a very good starting point. This is at least half the battle. When an employee suffers from burnout complaints, it is important to be understanding. Remember that an employee with too much stress is not stable. In addition to alack of work ethic, there may even be a lack of zest for life. Take the employee seriously at all times; for them those feelings are the reality. Often this large amount of stress occurs among employees who fully commit themselves to a project, who have a heart for the cause. Ignorance can lead to misunderstanding, which is very human. Not only with the employer, but also with colleagues. Make the subject negotiable, so that there is a positive atmosphere in the workplace.

How to order

Are you interested in using the burnout assessment tool within your HR department ? You can easily order it here. Do you want to use the test for multiple employees? In a case of large purchase, there is the possibility for a pre-distribution subscription. If you have any doubts, please contact one of our consultants. We are ready for all your questions and are happy to look over with you which test is most suitable for your employees.

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