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Books about the Bridge tests

TestGroup publishes a number of books that you can use as a reference at The Bridge Personality and The Bridge 360. These books can be ordered at TestGroup in Amsterdam. The books are sold per ten pieces (189 euros per ten pieces, ex VAT). A Bridge book will contain about 40 pages on average. The books are well suited for usage by candidates who have completed a Bridge assessment product. The books can also be used during training courses or as a guide for professionals who are qualified in the Bridge assessment products.

The Bridge Personality: The booklet for candidates

An indispensable book for candidates who want to make the most of the Bridge Personality report. In this book, for example, the 34 Bridge dimensions are explained and how you can find out and apply your Jung Type.

The Bridge Personality: The booklet for sales

A very useful book for candidates who have used The Bridge Personality's sales report. In addition to the very complete explanation of your Sales report, you will also find useful exercises in this book that you can use to improve your sales skills.

The Bridge 360: the booklet for candidates

A perfect tool for candidates and organizations that want to apply the Bridge 360 ​​report. The booklet explains in detail how the Bridge report can be used optimally. It also explains how the Bridge 360 ​​report can be converted into a Personal Development Plan (PDP).

TestGroup's tests & online assessments

TestGroup is the developer of the Bridge assessment instruments, which are high-quality, scientific tests that are applied all over the world. All Bridge instruments have been developed by TestGroup in collaboration with universities in the Netherlands and abroad. TestGroup specializes in predicting work behavior with personality tests, cognitive ability tests and career tests. We advise local and international organizations on the application of online assessments.

This is what our satisfied customers say about us

“Who am I? What am I capable of? And what do I want? "Because The Bridge Personality answers these kinds of questions, we at Aeres Agree can make the right match faster.”

Silvie van Aanholt, senior consultant

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