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The Bridge Personality

The Bridge Personality is the best and most widely used personality test for recruitment and selection in many countries worldwide. The power of this personality test lies in the ability to provide a reliable and accurate picture of your candidate. You can order The Bridge Personality separately (per candidate) or get an account on TestGroup's online assessment platform.

The Bridge Personality is a very reliable and valid personality test for gaining insight into the personality and competencies of your employees and applicants. The test uses algorithms that adjust the questions in the test if the candidate tries to 'control' the test or tries to complete it in a socially desirable way. This 'smart personality test' ensures that the candidate is always asked questions that are the most relevant.

The Bridge Personality test is the only personality test in the world that is based on three personality models: the scientifically validated Big Five personality model, the 16 Jung Types and the famous 4-color model.

The Bridge Personality: The world’s leading personality test

The Bridge Personality is a personality questionnaire that gives recruiters an in-depth look into a candidate’s personality. This personality assessment combines three powerful models to offer a comprehensive view of an individual's personality and working style:

  • 1. The Big Five: At the core of The Bridge Personality Test are the Big Five personality traits—Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. These traits provide a reliable basis for predicting behavior and work performance, helping you to understand how team members may react under various circumstances.
  • 2. The 16 Jung Types: Building on the foundation of the Big Five, this test also includes an analysis based on Carl Jung’s 16 personality types. This segment offers deeper insights into how individuals perceive the world and make decisions, which can be invaluable for team dynamics and role allocation.
  • 3. The 4 Personality Colors: To make the results accessible and actionable, the test categorizes personalities into four colors: Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow. Each color represents a set of characteristics that influence work style and interpersonal interactions. This color-coded system simplifies understanding and applying the test results in daily operations.

The Bridge Personality Test is tailored for use in business environments, aiming to foster better teamwork, leadership, and personal development. By integrating these three dimensions, the test provides a robust framework for understanding and leveraging the diverse personalities within your organization.

The result is a professional personality report that allows recruiters and employers an opportunity to gain new insight into how they can best work with their candidates or employees.

In addition to helping companies select employees who are likely to succeed at the job, the Bridge Personality is also helpful for companies looking for ways to improve their current company culture. For instance, the questionnaire can reveal whether certain types of people are more successful in different areas of a company, or if there are opportunities for employees who don’t work well together now to learn how to better collaborate with one another.

All in all, this personality test is a secret weapon that can help you find the best candidate for your company and optimize its culture. The Bridge Personality is a powerful tool that can be used to improve productivity and maximize employee retention and return on investment while ensuring businesses attract and retain top talent in their industry.

The Personality-Job Performance relationship

Backed by science and developed by a team of psychologists, the Bridge Personality is a popular and effective way to measure someone’s character.  The science surrounding the Bridge Personality has been developed through years of meticulous observation and is constantly refined and updated to reflect the latest research in the field of personality psychology. The results of this research have been published in scientific journals.

The Big Five Personality Dimensions (OCEAN)

The Bridge Personality questionnaire can be used to understand how a candidate’s psychological traits and preferences will affect their job performance.

The most substantial relationship between an individual’s personality and overall performance is with the ‘Big Five’ dimensions: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. Therefore, the Bridge Personality questionnaire can be used to determine how these traits tend to impact the performance of candidates and employees.

  • Openness to experience - Openness is related to intellectual curiosity, creativity, and a preference for novelty. The personality questionnaire can be used to identify whether or not someone is open-minded when it comes to new ideas.
  • Conscientiousness - Conscientiousness has two components: competence (organizational skills) and reliability (dependability).
  • Extraversion - Extraversion is related to sociability and positive emotions. The test measures how much a candidate is willing to take on new responsibilities and work with others.
  • Agreeableness - Agreeableness has two components: warmth, which measures how much empathy and concern a person has for others, and trust, which measures how much they believe people have their best interests at heart. The personality questionnaire can be used to determine whether someone is agreeable in social settings.
  • Emotional Stability - Emotional Stability (opposite of Neuroticism) reflects the tendency to experience positive emotions more than negative emotions such as anxiety and anger. The personality questionnaire can be used to determine whether someone is neurotic during stressful situations at work.

Bridge Personality example report

The test is designed to measure how well a candidate can handle different jobs by testing them on a total of 34 Big Five competencies. If the applicant answers all questions honestly and does not attempt to steer their responses in a certain direction, then there will be no red flags in this report  This example big-five report shows you the Bridge Personality assessment results for an individual.

Who can use The Bridge Personality?

Hiring managers, business owners, human resources professionals, and those who are responsible for developing employees can use The Bridge Personality to improve their business results. The test is easy-to-use, quick, and provides a detailed report that is based on science.

To gain the best possible results, The Bridge Personality must be used by someone who is aware of the current business climate and policies within their organization. In addition, the test needs consider the culture, leadership style, and work environment for the results to provide accurate analysis.

This personality questionnaire is broken down into two central elements for both recruiters and teams:

  • The Bridge Personality- Big Five Report - This Bridge Personality Report provides insight into response behavior and scores on 34 personality dimensions. These 34 dimensions are linked to the Big Five. The Short Report is ideally suited for selection and recruitment.
  • The Bridge Personality: Team Report - The Bridge Personality Team Report helps teams work together more effectively. Improve problem-solving, communication, and conflict situations. The report provides a complete overview of the qualities of a team.

The Bridge Personality can help identify which candidates are suitable for a job and can also provide valuable feedback about employees as they continue working. The goal of the Bridge Personality questionnaire is to help both employers and employees recognize where their strengths lie so that they can capitalize on those areas and improve upon the weaker ones.

How to purchase - 3 ways to level up your hiring process

The world’s leading organizations are already using the Bridge Personality to optimize their workforce and gain insight into the personality traits of potential employees, so why not you? To purchase an assessment for your team or organization, simply choose one of the three options below:

  • The first is through a single test purchase. This is for those who require just one test for a single role to fill. The results of the personality assessment will be available immediately and will give you a concrete understanding of whether a certain person would fit into your organization’s culture and work well with other employees.
  • Your second option is the credit purchase. This provides you with the option to purchase anywhere from 50 credits to 20000 credits. The credit system allows you to obtain a larger test package with the bulk pricing discount, which will enable you to administer more tests and unlock additional reports for your organization as needed.
  • Finally, there is our unlimited option. This gives hiring managers access to unlimited tests for their employees across multiple locations or divisions within an organization, all for one set rate. The unlimited plan is perfect for those who need to test an entire workforce or who want to ensure their hiring process remains consistent across the board, regardless of what division is being filled.

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Order The Bridge Personality today

Here at the Talent Group, we thrive on helping organizations and teams succeed. Used by over 5000 recruiters on a daily basis, the Bridge Personality is the most widely adopted personality questionnaire for assessing potential employees worldwide. With this in mind, you can be sure that your next new hire is your next best hire. Order the bridge personality test today.

The Bridge Personality example report

Because TestGroup is a test publisher, we have access to many different Bridge Personality reports in a variety of languages. There are 6 different reports available for The Bridge Personality for the purposes of recruitment, coaching, sales and teams.  You can select which report you’d like to use with The Bridge Personality. If you are unsure of which one to use, we will of course be happy to advise you on the most suitable test for a specific position.

Video : The Bridge Personality

The Bridge Personality Test is one of the the best personality questionnaire available. This test  prevents candidates from faking their answers during completion. The Bridge Personality can be used for recruitment, coaching, and improving sales performance? The Bridge Personality is a world-leading personality questionnaire that helps organizations to recruit, select, and develop the best employees.

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  • Order a test or online assessment from our order page.
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  • The test remains available until the participant has completed it.
  • After completion, the report is available instantly.

Easy online payment after delivery of the test or online assessment. High volume use? Get your own account on our online assessment platform.

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