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4-color personality test: team report

The Bridge Personality is the most widely used 4-color personality test by businesses and organizations in many countries, free of licensing fees or the need for extra training. It's also highly beneficial for teams, featuring an in-depth team report. A vital resource for HR professionals and coaches, it can be easily purchased for teams or accessed through an assessment account on TestGroup's online platform.

The straightforward and immediately useful 4-color framework (blue, red, yellow, and green) sheds light on individuals' inherent behaviors. This 4-color test is crucial for boosting job performance at the personal, team, and corporate levels, revealing the unique talents of your staff.

4 color team report

The 4 color team report is designed to enhance teamwork. It aids in problem-solving, enhances communication, and assists in conflict resolution. The report provides a clear overview of a team's strengths and is valuable for managers. It answers questions like: How does our team function? What are the best ways of working together? How can we improve?

The team report is a practical tool designed to help you gain a clearer understanding of your team's dynamics. It combines your team's 16 Jung Types with the 4-color preferences of the team members. To create the team report, each team member first completes their individual Bridge Personality test. The test scores of all team members are then used to generate the Bridge Personality Team Report.

How to order the 4 color team report:

With the team report and individual reports, you have everything you need for a team session. Steps to get the team report:

  • 1. Order the team report and the 4 color personality tests for your team at the order page.
  • 2. Each team member fills out the 4 color personality test.
  • 3. Everyone receives an individual report.
  • 4. The entire team receives the team report.
  • 5. Optionally: discuss the reports with a consultant.
  • 5. You're ready for the team session
  • Planning on using many team reports? The consider a cost-efficient subscription on the Bridge Assessment Platform

What does the 4 color team report offer?

The team report is customized for your team, incorporating input from all team members.

  • Immediately available.
  • Based on the 16 Jung Types and 4 personality colors.
  • Ideal for use in team sessions.
  • Advice for better problem-solving, communication, and conflict resolution.
  • Practical exercises.
  • Insight into the team's opportunities and possibilities.
  • Easy to use online.
  • No mandatory training required.

Sample of the 4-color Team Report

You can view a sample of the 4 color personality test team report. It includes the 16 Jung Types of the team and the 4 colors of the team members, plus exercises and advice for sessions or training. Each team member also receives a personal 4 color personality test report.

Sample page of the team report

Benefits of the 4 color team report:

  • Insight into your team: Learn about the strengths and weaknesses of your team members.
  • Role assignment: Determine the best roles for each team member.
  • Improve communication: Better understand your colleagues and enhance team communication.
  • Improve the work environment: Increase mutual understanding and cooperation, leading to a more pleasant work atmosphere.
  • The team report can be used together with a Big Five Personality Test or a Competency Test.

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