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Career test for Bachelor and University levels

For the past 10 years, The Bridge Career has been the most widely-used career test for Bachelor and University levels by companies, organizations, and individuals in Europe. Available from 08.00 to 21.00 hours, including weekends, this is considered the best rated career test, and the report is immediately available after completion.

How does this career test work?

The Bridge Career is a professional Bachelor/University career test. The test provides answers to questions such as: "Which career step is best for me"? "What do I find important in a (new) job"? "What do I find important in a (new) study?" The Bridge Career is the most comprehensive career choice test available in Europe.

Individuals and organizations can order The Bridge Career test online via the order page. The test will then be ready within 30 minutes. You will immediately receive a link to complete the career test online. The participant spends approximately 35 minutes taking the test and the career report is available immediately upon completion.

Order the Bachelor/University Career Test

  • Order The Bridge Career for your candidate at our order page.
  • Select 'Career Test Bachelor/University'.
  • Available for businesses, organizations, and private individuals.
  • We will create and send you the access details for The Bridge Career within 1 hour.
  • The test remains available until the participant completes it;
  • After completion, the report is immediately available;
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  • The Bridge Career is also available at the vocational school level.

Sample report of the career test for Bachelor and University level

View a sample report of the Bachelor/University career test here. The report displays scores on almost all Bachelor and University level professions. In addition, the preference for all Bachelor and University courses in the Netherlands is given, from high to low. This career test uses a Bachelor/University norm group, which means that the participant's scores are compared to those of 500 other people (with a Bachelor/ University education) who have previously filled out the test. Thanks to this scientific technique, it is possible to determine exactly which career choice suits a participant best.

Example page of the report

Why a professional career test will help you choose a course of study or profession

If you decide to use a career test, you expect it to give a result you can move forward with. A professional career test is much more comprehensive than a free one. Therefore, in a professional career report, you are going to find suggestions for your career, studies, or profession that you would not have thought of. Thus, a career test helps you get an objective view of your career choices. This is not only important for choosing your first employment, but can also be relevant if you want to change jobs or professions. A professional career test such as The Bridge Career helps you make the right choice, at a low investment.

Who uses this career test?

The Bridge Career test is used by individuals, career counselors, coaches, and HR departments of organizations. This test is used for development, career advice, mobility, reintegration, and outplacement. This test uses two scientific career models: Holland's RIASEC codes and Schein's career anchors.

  • The most comprehensive career test for Bachelor and University levels;
  • Gives you an overview of the Bachelor/University programs that suit you (from high to low);
  • Duration: 35 minutes;
  • No waiting times, take the test today;
  • The report is available immediately;
  • Available in English and Dutch;
  • Provides insight into your career options;
  • Developed in collaboration with Radboud University.

The Bridge Career: the most comprehensive career test

The Bridge Career is the most comprehensive career choice test available in the Netherlands and Belgium. Are you curious which profession or education suits you best? Or are you considering a career switch because you have doubts about whether your current job really corresponds to what you like? Then you should use The Bridge Career to find out your preferences. The Bridge Career is available at vocational, bachelor, and university levels.

Sample report: bachelor/university career test

The Bridge Career report describes your preferences across more than 200 Bachelor/University professions and related studies. Your courses and professions are displayed from top to bottom, so you know exactly which profession suits you best. The report also includes your scores on 8 career anchors. Career anchors are the factors that you find most important in your work and education. Are you curious about your report? Then fill in The Bridge Career.

Video: The Bridge Career

With The Bridge Career test, you will find the answers to your career questions. The Bridge Career is the most widely used professional career test in Europe. The Bridge Career examines your preferences for all bachelor and university courses in the Netherlands. This is continuously updated so that you can choose a profession that is up to date.

Frequently asked questions about using The Bridge Career test

  • What is the difference between a free career test and a paid (professional) career test?

  • A paid (professional) career test such as The Bridge Career was developed with extensive scientific research. As a result, the outcomes are valid and reliable.

    A free test is a simple, short questionnaire that gives an overall picture of a career preference. Because it was not developed with test-theoretic (scientific) techniques, it is not actually a test (it does not predict anything).

    Since a professional career test is much more comprehensive than a free test, the report is also much more specific. It states exactly what the candidate's career preferences and study options are. In addition, TestGroup's professional tests use algorithms, therefore a candidate cannot fill out the test in a socially desirable way.

    The general report of such a free test states exactly what the candidate filled out, not what a candidate's real preferences are. Because free tests are not scientifically developed, the results of such a test are not valid or reliable. These short free tests can be steered in a certain direction by the candidate in a socially desirable way: they will show exactly what the candidate wants the results to show. This is of little use, because it means you don't know where your career opportunities are. This is also of little use to you as a company or organization, because you will not know where the real career steps of your employee can be found. Using free tests may seem advantageous, but because you won't find out what the best career steps are, using a free test can have expensive consequences.

  • Who can order these career tests?

  • Our career tests are available to companies, organizations and individuals. Use them to get to know yourself better and revitalize your career. As a company, you can use them to test new candidates or review the careers of your current team. You can order tests and online assessments here.

  • How can I order a career test?

  • You can order the test in several ways. Individuals and companies can order the test separately(per candidate), which is convenient for small quantities. Companies can also order the test via credits. For companies and organizations that purchase large quantities, we offer subscriptions.

  • Is training necessary to take this career choice test?

  • Training is not necessary or required to use the career choice test.

  • How quickly will the reports be available?

  • Typically, career test reports are sent out within 15 minutes by our customer service representatives. If you are an account holder on the Bridge Assessment Platform, the report is available immediately.

  • How does a professional career test help find a suitable job?

  • A professional career test is a comprehensive career choice test that thoroughly examines what you like and find important in a job, profession or study. It takes a little effort, but in return you will receive a comprehensive career report. This professional report will help you choose a job or study.

  • Can my employer order this career test for me?

  • Yes, your employer can order this career test for you. Together you can determine what would be your best next step within the organization. In the career report you will also receive suggestions for courses, often paid for by your employer.

  • How can you use a career test to choose a bachelor's or university education?

  • With a professional career test like The Bridge Career, the report lists your scores on all (more than 200) bachelor and university courses, listed from high to low. The studies that are at the top of the report are probably very interesting for you. You might consider visiting an open day at an institution of higher education for which you have a high score. This will give you the additional information you need to make the right career move.

  • Why are career anchors important for choosing an education or profession?

  • Career anchors are 8 values (anchors) that are more or less important to you in your work or the kind of company you want to work for. These career anchors (based on Schein's model) are: Work-Life Balance, Service, Independence, Security & Stability, Creativity & Entrepreneurship, Challenge, Technically-Functional and Management. Your scores on these 8 anchors indicate what you consider important in a new job. You can use the career anchors to help you make the right career or occupational choice.

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