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Young Group

Since 2008, Young Group has taken over the facility management for school communities and the real estate sector. With a young, enthusiastic team, as an external service provider, they connect all parties involved to bring facility projects to a successful conclusion. From the coordination of a complex relocation of a research lab to the supply of property managers or caretakers for schools. The two pillars that always go hand in hand are technical support and the social factor. Relocation projects, for example for Erasmus MC and Delft University of Technology, are Young Group's speciality. Our services range from tactical and strategic management to tendering and operational management from A to Z. "We offer the expertise and capacity that clients can make good use of. Furthermore, as an independent third party, we can add extra strength to the choices we make to convince everyone in the organisation of a certain way of operating. We use all sorts of things in this: we involve working groups in the process, we organise consultation hours and we ensure internal communication towards all parties involved".

Young Group
“For Young Group, the results of The Bridge Personality tests do not only provide insights into recruitment. They are also a guideline for the long term, both for the manager and for the development of the employee.”
Anne Huijgen - Young Group

Growth is central

Growth is central at Young Group: both in helping clients, for the organisation and when it comes to what is expected of employees. A number of characteristics that characterise us, we also want to see in our colleagues. It is important that someone has a positive attitude and that he or she also has that growth mentality within him or her. Is someone proactive and does that person like to take the initiative to contribute and add something? That is important to us'. During an application, many employers experience that the applicant puts his or her best foot forward. Of course, someone is positive, he or she has that growth mentality and skills in which someone can still develop are often omitted. And the employer himself also has to deal with his own subjective impression of the applicant. So how do you get to the core that goes beyond your own perception or the sales pitch of the potential employee? Personality tests and assessments can support this.

Personality tests | Long-term perspective

YoungGroup has been using TestGroup's scientifically based Bridge Personality tests and sales assessments for a number of years. "Because the tests are so extensive and you always have to indicate choices and priorities, a clear profile emerges from such a test. You can then see whether someone only considers a certain skill or characteristic important, or whether that person actually applies it. We use these tests mainly for our internal functions in marketing, sales and project management. If we have a good feeling with the applicant after two interviews, such a test helps to substantiate or disprove that feeling. It gives an in-depth insight into someone's strengths and whether someone fits the profile we are looking for. Development opportunities always emerge from the test. That doesn't have to mean anything negative. On the contrary, it forms a long-term guideline for us, for example to be able to adapt your leadership style to a person. That's why it's a shame to only use these tests for recruiting employees. We also discuss the results of the test with the employees during development interviews. They provide an objective starting point for an open and honest dialogue".

This is what our satisfied customers say about us

“The online assessments from TestGroup are a real asset in the process of finding the right people.”

Dietske Koolhaas - Manager Talent & Acquisition

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