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Personality Type ISTP: Problem Solver

Problem Solvers (ISTPs) observe keenly what is happening in their environment and react swiftly to challenges. They seek the core of a problem to try to solve it as efficiently and effortlessly as possible. They want to understand how and why things work but find abstract theories uninteresting unless they can be quickly applied. They often play the role of a problem solver. They are calm and reserved, interested in how and why things work.

Preferences of ISTPs:

  • Willing to take risks
  • Uncomplicated in their desires
  • Loyal to their peers and their own values
  • Not concerned about laws and rules if they hinder getting something done
  • Detached and analytical
  • Excel in finding solutions to practical problems

How do others view ISTPs?

ISTPs believe that all people should be treated equally and tolerate a wide range of behavioral styles. They have clear basic principles and can be determined to defend them. Problem Solvers can easily adapt their behavior if it helps to solve a problem or situation. Others may find this behavior difficult to understand.

Others view ISTPs as:

  • Accommodating
  • Action-oriented
  • Willing to take risks
  • Independent
  • Determined

Pitfalls and development points of the ISTP:

When ISTPs find themselves in a place where they cannot use their characteristics and talents, they can:

  • Focus too strongly on a solution, losing sight of the consequences of their actions
  • Overlook the emotional needs of others
  • Give too little consideration to the impact of their decisions on others
  • Become cynical if they disagree with a solution

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