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Kwink Groep

The Bridge Ability Suite provides us with insight into things we may have overlooked ourselves and helps us promote diversity within our organisation.

Kwink Groep
“The Bridge Ability Suite provides us with insights into things we may have overlooked ourselves, and it helps us to stimulate diversity within our organisation.”
Janine Mulder - Kwink Groep

'Making the public sector stronger. That is our goal'.

Strengthening the public sector. That is the objective of the KWINK group in a nutshell. However, getting better does not start with making changes. It starts with knowing where you stand as an organisation. An essential prerequisite for realising improvements is therefore first mapping out the current situation. Based on the results, well-founded choices can be made for the future. As an expert in the field of evaluation research, KWINK supports government institutions and other public organisations in improving policy. From their Hofstad location, they deal with issues within the themes of culture and media, climate and energy, the new democracy and the digital and physical infrastructure. These are the central questions: How efficient and effective was the policy and its implementation? And, what can we learn from the past for the future?

"Our employees must be analytically and communicatively strong. Finding the right people is sometimes quite a challenge"

A fresh perspective

Because of our in-depth and thorough approach, we are often asked to evaluate organisations, policy and legislation, with the aim of learning from them for the future,' says Janine Mulder, director and advisor at KWINK group. With an independent, fresh perspective, we gather information over a longer period of time and interview employees. Because of our background and knowledge within various fields, we look at the issue from new angles. Using the right tools, we then evaluate and structure the relevant information and make strategic recommendations. KWINK can do a lot for the client in this respect. We help the organisation with insight and advice that contributes to policy with a positive impact on society'.

Communicating recommendations adequately

KWINK Group consists of a diverse team of employees, ranging from administrative and political scientists to behavioural scientists, economists and lawyers. This ensures that an issue can be highlighted from various angles. In addition to her advisory work, Janine is also involved in KWINK's strategy, the recruitment of new employees and employee development. What does working in a political-administrative environment actually require of employees? Of course, someone has to have a feeling for the various interests and parties involved. In addition, it is important that someone has an analytical mind and is able to separate the main and side issues. It is at least as important that someone is able to communicate the information that is being investigated properly. Can someone write down the findings comprehensibly, or tell them clearly? Recommendations and reports must be accessible if you want to encourage an organisation to make certain choices. Our employees must therefore be analytically and communicatively strong. Finding the right people is sometimes quite a challenge'.

"Een capaciteitentest geeft ons inzicht in zaken die we zelf misschien over het hoofd hebben gezien en het helpt ons de diversiteit binnen onze organisatie te stimuleren"

TestGroup's cognitive ability test : The Bridge Ability Suite.

In order to find the right people for their consultancy firm, KWINK group has been using The Bridge Ability Suite since 2017. This test consists of three parts: a verbal test, a numerical test and an abstract test. These tests look at whether someone can draw the right conclusions from written information, but also how someone scores on performing calculations and analysing data. We pay special attention to someone's analytical skills and how someone scores on logical thinking. The Bridge Ability fit in well with this. Furthermore, it's nice that we are helped quickly with questions and receive the results immediately afterwards'. For Janine it's not just testing actual skills that is useful. There is always a certain bias when selecting applicants and conducting interviews. You already look with a certain pair of glasses. An ability test gives us insight into things we may have overlooked ourselves, and it helps us to stimulate diversity within our organisation. We also want to show that we take the application and the potential new employee seriously".

This is what our satisfied customers say about us

“Who am I? What am I capable of? And what do I want? "Because The Bridge Personality answers these kinds of questions, we at Aeres Agree can make the right match faster.”

Silvie van Aanholt, senior consultant

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