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For more than 15 years, TestGroup's Bridge assessment tests have been the most used tests by companies and organizations in many countries. At TestGroup, you can choose the test or assessment that best suits your organization. There are assessment tests for recruitment, selection or development. It is possible to order an assessment test individually (per candidate) or you can administer the tests via your own account on the online Bridge Assessment Platform.

What is an assessment test?

An assessment test is a psychological examination that provides insight into the suitability of a (future) employee for a specific role or function and/or the possibilities for development. Depending on the selection or development question and the level of the position, an appropriate set of tests is compiled. Components may include: a personality test, a capacity test, or a career test.

How does an assessment test work?

A TestGroup assessment test quickly gives you insight into the capabilities and competencies of employees or applicants. It also highlights strengths and areas for improvement, including concrete development tips. In addition to insight into the intelligence, competencies, and motivations of the participant, you also gain insight into the match between the participant's competencies and the requirements for the position. Because TestGroup has many different assessment tests available, you can choose your own tests.

Order an assessment test: get your candidate tested today

  • Only available for companies and organizations;
  • Order the assessment test you need on the order page;
  • We will set up the assessment test for you on the same day;
  • Your candidate completes the assessment test;
  • If desired, you can go through the reports over the phone with a TestGroup consultant afterwards;
  • For large-scale usage, consider getting your own account on the Bridge Assessment Platform.

Sample report of the assessment test

You can download a sample report of an assessment test here. The report contains various information about someone's personality, such as scores on 34 Big Five competencies, 16 Jung types, 4 colors, and 8 other competencies. If you want, you can also add a capacity test to the assessment test.

Sample page of the assessment report

Administering assessment tests in-house

Do you want to administer assessment tests on your own? The Bridge Assessment Platform offers an efficient system that gives you full control over TestGroup's tests and assessments. With your own account, you can easily and immediately get started. Here's how it works:

  • Options for administration: You can choose between single test purchase (per participant), a subscription with credits, or a subscription with unlimited use;
  • Individual administration: If you only need tests occasionally, you can opt for individual administration per candidate. This is cost-effective if you conduct fewer than 10 tests per year.
  • Account with credits: For a competitive rate and more flexibility, you can have an account with credits.
  • Account with unlimited administration: If you want the lowest price per test and unlimited testing for a year, then an account with unlimited administration is the best choice.
  • Quick start: You can start using the system within one day.
  • All tests and online assessments of TestGroup are available in your account.
  • No mandatory training: The system is user-friendly and requires no special training. However, if you need help, TestGroup's consultants are always ready to provide support.
  • Branding options: You can add your own logo to the account for a personal touch.

With the Bridge Assessment Platform, you can invite candidates 24/7, administer tests, and download reports in more than 20 languages. It's a convenient and flexible solution for independently conducting online assessments.

Features of an assessment test

There are no waiting times for registering a candidate for an online assessment. Our customer service can immediately assist you in setting up an online assessment for your candidate. Additionally, you are flexible in choosing a test location, either at the candidate's home or in the office.

  • The assessment test can consist of a cognitive ability test and a competency test;
  • Only available for companies and organizations;
  • Scientifically-substantiated, reliable, and valid;
  • Available at vocational, higher professional, and university levels;
  • Available in 20 languages, including Dutch, English, German, French, and Spanish.
  • It's also possible to include a 4-color personality test or a 16 personality test.

With an assessment test, you can prevent making a wrong choice when selecting candidates.

Due to many job vacancies and few available candidates, it is important to quickly and efficiently gain insight into the personalities and intelligence of these candidates. An assessment test (containing a personality questionnaire and a cognitive capacity test) can help with this. It prevents making a wrong choice and saves the costs associated with this (which can amount to half a year's salary). An online assessment is therefore a good investment.

What are the components of a TestGroup assessment test?

Usually, companies and organizations use both a Big Five personality test and a cognitive ability test in an online assessment. Research has shown that, in addition to an interview, the use of these two tests provides the best selection result. At TestGroup, you can specify which tests you want to include in the online assessment and at what level (vocational, higher professional, or university).

Based on scientific research

All Bridge instruments have been developed by TestGroup's research & development team in collaboration with universities at home and abroad. TestGroup specializes in predicting work behavior with personality questionnaires and intelligence tests. We advise organizations worldwide on the application of online assessments. In addition, TestGroup publishes scientific articles about online assessments together with universities. Through this link, you can view one of our studies. Should you have any questions about our assessments, please feel free to contact TestGroup Amsterdam by number 020-2621630.

Sample assessment test reports

Because TestGroup is a test publisher, we can administer online assessments in many languages. You can choose from a personality test, competency test, cognitive ability test, a career test, or a sales test. You can select which test you want to include in the online assessment. We will, of course, also be happy to advise you on the suitable test for a specific position.

Video: the Bridge Assessment Platform

With an account on the Bridge Assessment Platform, you can invite candidates, administer online assessments, and order reports, 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world. The Bridge Assessment platform is used by companies, governments, psychologists, recruiters, and coaches in over 20 countries. The system is easy to use, so there is no need for extensive training. Also, you can start immediately; your account will be ready in just 1 day.

Frequently asked questions about using an assessment test

  • What happens during an assessment test?

  • An assessment test is often a step in the application process. In this, online psychological tests are used to determine if there is a good fit between the applicant and the intended position. This can include a personality test or a cognitive ability test.

  • What is an assessment test?

  • An assessment test is essentially another term for a test that is administered during an assessment. This can be, for example, a personality test, competency test, or capacity test. At TestGroup, you can choose which test you will use for your candidate.

  • What is the difference between a free assessment test and a professional (paid) test from TestGroup?

  • A free test is a (too) short test that gives a general picture of a candidate. The general report states exactly what the candidate has filled in, not what the candidate's competencies are. Since free tests are not scientifically validated, the results of such a test are not valid or reliable. These short tests are often socially desirable to fill in: it shows exactly what the candidate wants it to show. This is of little use to a company or organization. Using these tests may seem advantageous, but because you do not find out the qualities of your candidate, using a free test can have expensive consequences.

    A paid (professional) assessment test like The Bridge Personality (personality test) and The Bridge Ability Suite (capacity test) are developed through extensive scientific research. As a result, the findings are reliable and valid. Because a professional test is much more comprehensive than a free test, the report is also much more specific. It details exactly what the personality, capacities, and competencies of the candidate are. Additionally, the professional tests from TestGroup use algorithms, making it impossible for a candidate to complete the test in a socially desirable manner.

  • How quickly can my candidate complete the test?

  • After you have requested the test for your candidate on the order page, your candidate can get started within 30 minutes. You will receive the report immediately after completion via email. The invoice is sent afterwards.

  • Which assessment or test should I choose?

  • That depends on your question and the position. Usually, a personality test and a capacity test are used. For the personality test, you can choose from different reports, and for the cognitive ability test, you can choose from three levels: vocational, higher professional, and university.

  • Are the assessment tests only available for companies and organizations?

  • Almost all tests from TestGroup are only available for companies, organizations, and governments. This is because our tests are developed for professional use. They can also order by invoice and pay afterwards.

  • How long does it take for the candidate to complete the assessment test?

  • The candidate will spend about 40 minutes on the personality test. The cognitive ability test is 3 times 18 minutes. There is also a short personality test available, which takes 12 minutes. The short cognitive ability test is 24 minutes.

  • How quickly is the assessment test report available?

  • Since your candidate completes the test online (at home or in the office), the report is immediately available. If you order individual tests from TestGroup, you usually have the reports in your mailbox within 15 minutes (after the candidate has completed the test). If you have your own account on the Bridge Assessment Platform, the reports are available instantly.

Order your test & online assessments here

  • Orders can be placed by companies and organizations from any country in the world.
  • We will email the login details to you within just 30 minutes.
  • The test remains available until the participant has completed it.
  • After completion, the assessment report will be available immediately.

Easy online payment after delivery of the test or online assessment. High volume use? Get your own account on our online assessment platform.


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  • Your candidate can start the test or online assessment within just 30 minutes.
  • The test remains available until the participant has completed it.
  • After completion, the report is available instantly.

Easy online payment after delivery of the test or online assessment. High volume use? Get your own account on our online assessment platform.

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