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Personality Test: The Bridge Personality

The Bridge Personality has been the most used personality test by companies and organizations in many countries for over 15 years. This personality test is suitable for selection and recruitment, but also for the development of your employees. You can order this test separately (per candidate) or get an account on TestGroup's online assessment platform.

What is a Personality Test?

A personality test is a method to understand how people behave. It looks at the usual ways people act in different situations. Organizations use these tests to recruit, select and develop their employees. Personality is what makes a person unique. It includes things like traits, interests, what drives them, what they value, how they see themselves, their skills, and how they feel and react to things.

Personality Test: The Bridge Personality

The Bridge Personality is a highly reliable and valid personality test for gaining insight into the personality and competencies of your employees and applicants. The test uses algorithms that adapt the questions if the candidate tries to 'steer' the test or attempts to fill it in in a socially-desirable manner. This 'smart personality test' ensures that the candidate always receives the most relevant questions.

TestGroup offers a wide range of personality tests such as the Big Five personality test, the 16 personality test, the 4-color personality test, the short personality test and the competency test.

Order The Bridge Personality Test

Once you have ordered the personality test, your candidate or employee can start the test within 30 minutes. The report is available immediately upon completion.

  • You can order a personality test for your candidate or employee at the order page;
  • Available only to companies and organizations;
  • We will have the personality test ready within 30 minutes;
  • The personality report is available immediately after completion;
  • If desired, you can go through the report over the phone with a TestGroup consultant afterward;
  • Large volume? Then choose to administer in-house;
  • Available in 20 languages, including Dutch, English, German, French, and Spanish;
  • No mandatory training required.

Personality test with high predictive value

The Bridge Personality is a personality test for measuring personality traits in adolescents and adults. This test can be used for recruitment, selection, and other applications within HR, among other things. Due to its high predictive value, this test is a very suitable instrument for mapping the personality of your candidates.

  • A very advantageous subscription is available for coaches and trainers. Inquire about the rate for coaches.
  • Very suitable for HR departments and recruitment through the subscription for unlimited use.
  • Rated best by experts: the most used personality test in the Benelux.
  • Based on both the Big Five, the 16 Jung Types, and the well-known 4-color model.
  • Also usable for teams with The Bridge Personality team report.
  • Can be used with a custom report: select the desired competencies yourself.

Sample report of The Bridge Personality Test

You can view a Bridge Personality example report here. This advanced report first describes the scores on 34 Big Five competencies, specially designed for use with virtually any job profile. Subsequently, the participant's Jung Type is displayed. Then, the scores on the 4-colors are depicted in a beautiful color wheel. On the last page, the scores on 8 commonly-used competencies are listed.

There are 6 different Bridge Personality reports. For instance, there is a Big Five report, specifically for recruitment and selection. In addition, there is also a Big Five + 16 Jung Types report (without the 4-colors), a sales report (for commercial roles), and a team report (for team sessions).

Example page from The Bridge Personality report

The Bridge Personality: the most complete personality test

The Bridge Personality is the only personality test in the world that is based on the Big Five, the 16 Jung Types, and the well-known 4-color model. Due to this, you can use this personality test for both recruitment and selection (with the Big Five model) as well as for the development of personnel (with the 16 Jung Types and 4-colors). Reports are available for each of these applications.

Has your candidate been honest? Find out with Normative-Ipsative split technology®

A modern (adaptive) test like The Bridge Personality utilizes Normative-Ipsative split technology®. With this AI (artificial intelligence)-based technique, The Bridge Personality makes steering response behavior insightful. Normative-Ipsative splits® are indicators in the report that can display the degree of steering response behavior at the level of a competency. This way, you can see exactly where a candidate has hesitated, or where the candidate has attempted to fill in the test in a socially-desirable manner. It is an indispensable tool during the selection of candidates.

Highly reliable and valid personality test

The Bridge Personality is a highly reliable and valid personality test. It features advanced algorithms that adapt the questions based on the candidate's responses, ensuring that the questions are always relevant and accurate. This smart personality test detects when candidates try to manipulate their answers, so you can be confident that you're getting an authentic assessment. With a quick setup time of just 30 minutes after ordering, you can start using The Bridge Personality to make informed hiring and development decisions right away.

The Bridge Personality Test: team report

The Bridge Personality team report is an essential tool for fostering more effective teamwork. It enhances problem-solving abilities, communication skills, and conflict resolution within teams. This report offers a detailed overview of a team's collective strengths, providing valuable insights for managers. Key questions are addressed, such as the team's composition, optimal collaboration methods, and areas for improvement.

The process begins with each team member completing The Bridge Personality test, grounded in the renowned 16 Jung Types and 4-color personality model. Following this, each individual receives a detailed personal report that highlights various facets of their personality. Subsequently, a comprehensive team report is generated, summarizing the collective attributes and dynamics of the entire team. This team assessment serves as a practical guide for managers looking to optimize team performance and cohesion.

The Bridge Personality Test: team workshop: do-it-yourself package

Are you looking to identify improvement areas, boost motivation, and achieve specific goals with your team? The Bridge Personality team workshop is designed to provide these insights, empowering teams to enhance their performance. TestGroup's team workshop do-it-yourself package equips you with all the tools needed to conduct your own team workshop. It includes individual Bridge Personality reports for each team member and a comprehensive team report, offering a deep dive into the dynamics of your entire team. The kit also contains the presentation sheets required to kickstart your workshop immediately.

Alongside the do-it-yourself package, you'll receive support from a TestGroup consultant. This guidance ensures you're fully prepared to lead your team workshop confidently. If needed, a consultant can review the reports and presentation sheets with you, ensuring you're well-equipped to facilitate your team's development independently.

Books about The Bridge Personality Test

TestGroup presents an extensive collection of books about The Bridge Personality test and The Bridge 360. These books serve as essential tools for deepening comprehension and practical use of assessment outcomes. Each 40-page guide is particularly beneficial for organizations that use The Bridge Personality, providing thorough analysis and practical advice. The series also features a specialized book designed for sales professionals, which focuses on optimizing the advantages of The Bridge Personality's sales report. Additionally, the collection offers books centered on understanding individual Jung Types and utilizing Bridge 360 reports for developing effective personal development plans.

Bridge Personality Test training course

This tailored one-day Bridge Personality training program is designed for in-company teams and focuses on the effective utilization of The Bridge Personality test and The Bridge Ability Suite (cognitive ability test) for aptitude assessment in recruitment and consulting roles. It is ideally suited for professionals such as recruiters, HR managers, coaches, and career advisors. The training, which can be conducted on-site or virtually, supports up to 12 participants and emphasizes the administration of online assessments, the interpretation of results, and the delivery of precise feedback. Participants will engage in hands-on exercises involving online assessments with candidates, learn to analyze job functions using the 34 Big Five competencies, and apply the 16 Personality Test and the 4-color model in various professional contexts. Each attendee will receive access to the Bridge Assessment Platform, allowing them to immediately integrate Bridge tools within their organization's practices.

How to order The Personality Test

  • You can order a Bridge Personality Test for your candidate or employee at our order page;
  • Your employee or candidate can access The Bridge Personality within 1 hour;
  • Order our test from anywhere in the world. Access until completion of the test.
  • After completion, the report is available instantly;
  • High volume use? Get you own account on our online assessment platform.

Job-specific personality test reports

The job-specific reports for this personality test provide comprehensive evaluations tailored to a variety of roles, including sales, finance, management, and legal positions. These reports are meticulously designed to assess crucial competencies and skills essential for success in these distinct job functions. They offer an in-depth analysis of each candidate's strengths, weaknesses, and overall suitability for their respective roles, contributing to a more precise and efficient recruitment process. By integrating scientific research with practical insights, The Bridge Personality's job-specific reports deliver a multifaceted view of each candidate's potential. From identifying a persuasive salesperson, a detail-oriented finance specialist, a strategic-thinking manager, to a meticulous legal professional, these reports are customized to meet the unique demands of each job category, thereby enhancing the accuracy and effectiveness of talent acquisition.

Personality test report for HR

The personality test report for HR is a specific assessment report designed to cater to the diverse roles within the HR sector. It assists HR professionals in identifying the competencies needed for a variety of positions, from talent acquisition to employee development. This report combines thorough personality assessments with cognitive ability tests, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation for different HR job functions. The tool is time and cost-efficient, providing immediate, detailed insights that are essential for modern HR practices. Developed based on extensive scientific research, this report is an indispensable asset for HR departments in managing and aligning their human resources strategies effectively across multiple roles.

Personality test report for Startups

The personality test report for startups, developed by TestGroup, is specifically designed for the unique challenges of startup environments. This report offers key insights within 45 minutes into the personality traits and competencies crucial for success in a startup. Attributes assessed include sales skills, creativity, drive, flexibility, proactivity, persistence, cost awareness, social skills, and entrepreneurship. This report is particularly valuable for startups, requiring team members to be adaptable and versatile in small, dynamic teams. It contrasts with the structured environment of larger companies, focusing on the unique flexibility and accountability needed in startups. TestGroup’s personality test report helps entrepreneurs and HR managers in startups to identify candidates and employees who can contribute effectively to growth. It also addresses career development, training needs, and outplacement services, available in 20 languages, making it a versatile tool for global startups.

Personality test report for Marketing and Communication Professionals

The personality test report for marketing and communication professionals is a comprehensive tool designed to assess suitability for roles in this dynamic field. This report combines personality assessments with a focus on relevant competencies, including openness to feedback, verbal skills, networking, creativity, social interaction, writing skills, customer orientation, entrepreneurship, planning and organizing, and stress resistance. It's customizable for specific job requirements or organizational needs, providing an objective analysis of a candidate's strengths and areas for improvement. Available in various educational levels and in 20 languages, it's accessible and relevant for a diverse range of candidates, offering flexibility in testing locations.

Personality test report for Managers

The personality test report for managers is tailored to identify and develop leadership qualities in managerial candidates. Evaluating specific management competencies and leadership roles, it's essential for organizations seeking effective leaders. The report discerns if a candidate is more of a manager or a leader, their leadership style, and their leadership qualities and potential pitfalls. It assesses leadership, coaching, group-oriented leadership, delegating, planning and organizing, and result-orientation. Customizable to include additional competencies, it's valuable for recruitment, management development, and leadership training.

Personality test report for Finance Recruitment

The personality test report for finance recruitment is a strategic tool for selecting suitable candidates for financial roles. It evaluates qualifications, essential competencies, and potential risks in candidates. The report focuses on analytical ability, flexibility, empathy, coaching, communication skills, customer orientation, decisiveness, and planning and organizing. Tailored to organizational needs, it's invaluable for ensuring candidates have the right IQ and personality traits for the financial industry.

Personality test report for Sales Jobs

The personality test report for sales jobs objectively evaluates sales abilities. It includes evaluations of critical sales steps and assesses candidates on four sales types: Hunter, Consultant, Farmer, and Negotiator. The report provides a clear overview of a candidate’s commercial success factors and risk areas, proving effective in optimizing sales team performance. After completion, it offers a sales report and an extensive personality report, providing a complete profile of the candidate's sales skills and suitability for specific sales positions.

Other job-specific personality test reports include the personality test report for lawyers, focusing on the analytical and ethical skills crucial in the legal field, and the personality test report for customer service, highlighting interpersonal and problem-solving abilities vital for customer-facing roles. Other specialized reports such as the personality test report for engineering jobs, for transport and logistics, and the personality test report for executive search, are each meticulously designed to assess the unique competencies required in these sectors. Additionally, the personality test report for reorganization or restructuring offers valuable insights for managing transitional periods within organizations. 

Bridge Personality Test reports

Since The Bridge Personality Test is used both for selection (recruitment) and development (coaching), there are many different reports available. There are reports for recruitment, coaching, sales, and teams. In addition, there are also custom reports available for The Bridge Personality. You can then choose the competencies that will be included in the report.

Video: The Bridge Personality 

Are you looking for the best personality test available? One that prevents your candidates from faking their answers? That can be used for recruitment, coaching, and improving sales performance? Welcome to The Bridge Personality, a world-leading personality questionnaire that helps organizations to recruit, select, and develop the best employees.

Frequently asked questions about using a personality test

  • How can I buy this personality test?

  • At TestGroup we offer three different ways to purchase The Bridge Personality. You can buy the test separately (per candidate), which is useful for limited quantities, at a price ranging from €110 per test. For slightly larger purchases, purchase via credits is possible. Then the tests come down to a minimum price of €15 per test. For companies and organizations that plan to do widespread testing, we offer an unlimited use subscription. Our tests are available from €5 per test.

  • Do I need a training to start using this personality questionnaire?

  • Training is not necessary or mandatory to get started with the personality test. Our consultants are always available to assist and answer your questions and can go through the reports with you by telephone. Of course we do have a training for our tests available if needed.

  • How fast are the personality test reports available?

  • Typically, our reports are sent within 30 minutes by our customer service representatives. However, if you are an account holder on The Bridge Assessment Platform, the reports are immediately available.

  • Is this personality test only available for professional users?

  • Our personality test is only available to companies and organizations and not for individuals.

  • Is this test the same as the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)?

  • The Bridge Personality is a lot more extensive than the MBTI. In addition to the 16 Jung Types, you can also use a report with the well-known 4-colors for this test. This is not possible with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

  • Which 16 personalities or personality types are in the test?

  • There are a total of 16 personalities. These are the ESTJ, ENTP, ESTP, ENFP, ESFP, ENTJ, ESFJ, ENFJ, ISTP, INFJ, ISTJ, INFP, INTJ, INTP, ISFJ, and ISFP.

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