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Online sales test

An online sales test assesses a candidate's ability to complete sales transactions for a company, including interactions with customers before, during, and after the sale. The online sales test by TestGroup was developed by the Erasmus University and is the most commonly used assessment for sales personnel in many countries worldwide. This sales test provides immediate insight into the sales talent of your candidate or employee. Rated as the best by experts. You can order the sales test per candidate (individual purchase). Also, cost-effective subscriptions are available. No waiting times, your candidate can be tested immediately.

What is an online sales test?

An online sales test evaluates a candidate's proficiency in completing sales transactions for a company. It assesses their ability to engage with customers effectively throughout the sales process. This includes interactions with both potential and existing customers before, during, and after a sale. The test aims to measure the candidate's aptitude in handling various aspects of sales, such as communication, persuasion, and customer relationship management. Ultimately, it helps companies identify individuals who are well-equipped to drive sales success.

A participant spends approximately 45 minutes on the online sales test. Upon completion, you will receive two reports: a sales report and a personality report. In the reports, you'll find scores related to the six steps of sales and scores for the four sales types (Hunter, Farmer, Consultant, Negotiator).

How does this online sales test work?

Have you ever been approached on the street to subscribe to a newspaper? And do you sometimes receive a phone call in the evening about expanding your internet package? Salespeople who are nice, outgoing, emotionally stable, and accommodating are most likely to sell you something.

Candidates for commercial roles often excel in self-presentation, but do their skills translate to actual results? TestGroup's online sales test offers an objective measure of a candidate’s true commercial capabilities. This test provides a detailed analysis of their strengths and potential risks, with insights into six sales stages and four types of sales skills. 

Developed in collaboration with Erasmus University, TestGroup's online sales test stands as Europe's most popular choice for evaluating commercial talent. It's highly regarded by industry experts and offers a clear gauge of your candidate’s or employee's commercial aptitude. Available for individual purchase or through cost-effective subscription plans, this online sales test is an essential tool for pinpointing top commercial talent.

Do you want to know how good your salespeople are at selling or how customer-oriented your employees are? You can test this with the online sales test from TestGroup. After completion, you receive a sales report (including scores on the 6 steps of sales) and a personality report.

Order the online sales test

  • You can order an online sales test at our order page for online assessments;
  • Available only for companies and organizations;
  • We set up the online sales assessment within 30 minutes;
  • The report is available immediately after completion;
  • If desired, you can go through the report over the phone with a TestGroup consultant afterwards.
  • For large volume orders, choose a cost-effective online assessment subscription.

Scientific research into the online sales test 

Test publisher TestGroup has done extensive research to predict sales or sales results with online sales tests. 

Some highlights from the research:

  • An online sales test can be used to accurately predict sales performance.
  • Salespeople who score high on certain competencies appear to sell more and receive a better overall rating from their managers.
  • Specific characteristics, such as maintaining sales administration, turn out to be better predicted by specific characteristics such as orientation to detail.
  • Sellers who are open to new experiences also appear to do well. This personality trait will help you to build a better sales force.

TestGroup's online sales

The online sales test report lists all commercial success and risk factors of a candidate for you in a clear and compact report. The report presents scores on the six steps of sales and the scores on the four sales types.

The six steps of sales

In which phase(s) of the sales process does your candidate excel? The sales report shows the candidate's scores for the six sales steps: 1) Planning & preparation, 2) Making contact, 3) Building desire, 4) Presenting the options, 5) Closing the deal and 6) Managing client relationships.

The four sales types

Which sales type is the candidate? In the sales report you can see scores of the candidate top four sales types: Hunter, Consultant, Farmer, and Negotiator.

  • All commercial success and risk factors of a candidate in a row;
  • You will receive a clear and compact online sales test report;
  • In the report, you will find scores for the six steps of sales and the scores for the four sales types;
  • Online, reliable, and scientifically based.

Case study: Enhancing recruitment with TestGroup's online sales test

  • Situation: A candidate applied for an executive recruiter position. Key to this role is the ability to lead, guiding clients and candidates through the job placement process. TestGroup's online sales test revealed the candidate's strong relational skills with a high yielder score, yet a low problem-solving score. While being a yielder aids in rapport building, it may lead to conflict avoidance, a challenge in a role facing diverse opinions and potential disputes. The low problem-solving score raised concerns about handling complex situations.
  • Analysis: TestGroup recommended the hiring manager to delve deeper into the candidate's yielding and problem-solving traits using our online sales assessment. While our online sales test offers critical insights, it's one piece of the broader hiring puzzle. Factors like cultural fit, experience, and management style also play significant roles.
  • Conclusion: The candidate joined a dynamic, training-centric sales team. Successes were evident, but over time, challenges in managing intricate scenarios and patience with complex candidate matches emerged. After seven months, the individual left the company, underscoring the nuanced nature of recruitment and the value of comprehensive tools like TestGroup's online sales test in making informed hiring decisions.

How to apply an online sales test for selecting sales personnel

Step 1: Determine your hiring needs

  • Start by clearly defining the sales roles and responsibilities within your organization.
  • Identify the key qualities, sales skills, and behavioral traits you seek in ideal sales candidates.

Step 2: Choose the right online sales test

  • Opt for an online sales test that's scientifically backed, reliable, and known for accurately predicting sales performance. TestGroup's online sales test is a prime example.
  • Ensure the test provides insights into different sales types and the various stages of the sales process.

Step 3: Purchase the online sales test 

Step 4: Invite candidates to take the online sales test

  • Email invitations to your shortlisted candidates, including a link to the online sales test and any necessary guidelines.

Step 5: Monitor test completion

  • Keep track of candidates who have completed the online sales test and send reminders to those who haven't.

Step 6: Review the online sales rest results

  • After a candidate completes the test, analyze the results, focusing on scores in various sales stages and their fit with different sales styles.
  • Assess their personality traits, strengths, and potential areas for development in a sales context.

Step 7: Conduct interviews

  • Use the insights from the online sales test to inform your interview questions, targeting areas of strength or concern.
  • Probe areas where there’s a discrepancy between the test results and other available data.

Step 8: Make a hiring decision

  • Integrate the online sales test results with other selection methods, such as interviews and reference checks, to make well-rounded hiring decisions.
  • Remember, the test offers valuable insights but should be part of a broader decision-making process.

Step 9: Customize onboarding and training

  • Leverage the online sales test results to tailor your onboarding and training programs.
  • Focus on developing areas identified as needing improvement, like negotiation or closing techniques.

Features of the online sales test

The online sales test is an online sales assessment that not only provides insight into personality, work behavior, and competencies, but also outlines the sales type of your salesperson. Is your employee a Hunter, Farmer, Consultant, or Negotiator? Will your employee be highly successful in the planning phase, or will your employee excel in making the deal? The online sales assessment is the ideal tool when you want answers to these questions in a quick, clear, and reliable way

Sample reports

When taking the online sales test, you will receive two reports: the sales report and an extensive personality report. Combined, you will have a complete picture of the sales skills of your candidate. Because TestGroup itself is a test publisher, we can administer the online sales assessment in many languages. We are also happy to advise you on the application of the online sales assessment for a specific sales position.

Video: The Bridge Online Sales Test

The Bridge online sales test allows you to back up your gut feeling with validated science. This will prevent you from hiring a ‘false-positive’ and is the best way to reduce the odds of making a bad sales hire.

With the Bridge online sales test you can choose the candidate with the greatest potential to succeed in the sales role. The online sales assessment lists all commercial success and risk factors of a candidate in a clear and compact report.

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