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Build a sales force with a sales assessment

Wednesday 05 June 2024

You are planning to set up a new sales department for your organization, but how do you find the right candidates for this position? Sales positions primarily involve people who can sell themselves well, but of course that alone is not enough. An online sales assessment can help to see through this talk and measure whether they can really live up to this within the company and the position. In this article we will explain to you what the benefits are when you use The Bridge online sales assessment.

Focused on the seller

Several recruitment and application processes involve online tools, such as a cognitive ability test. The Bridge online sales assessment focuses on the commercial side; the salesperson in the candidate. All commercial success and risk factors are mapped out during this assessment, resulting in a clear report.

All aspects of selling are included in this online sales assessment. A candidate may be very good at making a deal, but when planning and preparation are not taken into account, this may not be the right employee for your sales department. The Bridge online sales assessment measures six steps in the sales process. The scores of these six sales steps are displayed in the report:

  • Planning & preparation
  • Making contact
  • Building desire
  • Presenting the option
  • Closing the deal
  • Relationship management

This allows you to see what someone's strengths are and where this candidate's risk lies. When putting together a sales force, you can opt for candidates that complement each other. For example, one is good at presenting solutions and the other is excellent at making deals with customers.

Success in the sales department

A sales department needs to perform and score. You want the right people in the right place here; after all, they have to go sell the product or service. They have to bring in the money. The importance of a good and complete recruitment process is therefore very important for this sales department. The Bridge online sales assessment gives you insight into the competences of the candidates, but also into personality and work behavior.

The Bridge online sales assessment is a reliable tool to see where a candidate excels. You quickly gain insight into the strengths and risks surrounding a candidate, allowing you to efficiently set up a sales department. If all candidates score high on making contacts and low on relationship management, they are not the right match for a successful sales department. Do you have a candidate who scores high on relationship management, but making contact is not his strong suit? Then this can be a fine addition to the sales department of your organization.

A comprehensive report

After candidates take The Bridge online sales assessment, a sales report is immediately ready with the results. These results contain the scores of the six sales steps, but also scores on the four different sales types.

  • Hunter: Proactive in contacting and takes the lead in prospects search. The hunter has a drive to score deals.
  • Consultant: Solution-oriented and has an interest in the client's business. Can act as an advisor to coach clients in the right direction.
  • Farmer: Strong in relationship management, is aware of what is going on with existing clients. Resolves problems and listens to customers.
  • Negotiator: Focused on negotiations and win-win situations. Can present services, products and solutions convincingly. Strong in negotiation.

Through these four sales types, you can get a better understanding of candidates' abilities. A good sales department does not only have Hunters, but a variety of the other different sales types. When you are starting a sales department within an organization, The Bridge online sales assessment is a useful and reliable tool.

The Bridge online sales assessment, why?

Putting together a sales department within an organization is no small task. It is an important department and its candidates can often sell themselves well. It is therefore useful to have an inclusive recruitment process. This gives you insight into the candidates and you have reliable results through which you can select. The Bridge online sales assessment is very suitable for this, because it offers:

  • Overview of commercial success and risk factors.
  • Sales process and sales type scores.
  • Scientific research base.
  • Insight into personality, work behavior and capabilities.
  • Clear and comprehensive report, immediately after completion.
  • Availability of results within 30 minutes.
  • Online and reliable sales assessment.

It is also possible to review candidate reports with a TestGroup consultant afterwards. Are you interested in taking this online sales assessment on a large scale? Then we have the possibility of an advantageous subscription. Our consultants are happy to advise and help you think about which test best suits your needs.

This is what our satisfied customers say about us

“For Young Group, the results of The Bridge Personality tests do not only provide insights into recruitment. They are also a guideline for the long term, both for the manager and for the development of the employee.”

Anne Huijgen

Young Group