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Customized reports for The Bridge Personality

Looking to identify candidates for a particular job role? The Bridge Personality now offers customized reports where you specify the competencies, and we create a customized personality test report for you. TestGroup also offers job-specific personality reports.

What are customized personality test reports?

TestGroup clients have the option to have personalized personality test reports designed to cater to specific requirements and job profiles. Our aim is to simplify your life, and to achieve that, we have made our Bridge Personality reports entirely adaptable. This means you have the freedom to select the competencies you want to include in the report.

These customized reports are grounded in the industry's most robust and comprehensive behavioral model – The Bridge Personality. Combined with our proficiency in competency modeling and mapping, we ensure that all critical information is captured and evaluated. We collaborate with you to create reports that align precisely with your unique needs. Customization is particularly beneficial for large-scale recruitment and development efforts targeting specific roles.

How does it work?

You can select 8 competencies from the TestGroup competence database, which will then be displayed in The Bridge Personality Extended report. This way you can measure the desired competencies for each job profile.

  • First select the right competencies for a position or competency profile;
  • Eight are enough to create a proper competence profile;
  • Pass on the 8 competencies to TestGroup;
  • We then prepare the customized personality report;
  • You can then use this report from your assessment account on The Bridge Assessment Platform.

Job-specific Bridge Personality reports.

TestGroup also provides reports designed for various job sectors, including sales, legal, recruitment, finance, management, legal professions, and startups. These customized reports are designed to accurately evaluate whether individuals possess the necessary skills and qualities for these particular roles. They offer a clear assessment of strengths and areas for development, as well as suitability for the role. This simplifies and improves the process of identifying the right candidates for a job. With TestGroup's job-specific personality test reports, you can easily determine if someone excels as a salesperson, a meticulous financial expert, a forward-thinking manager, or a precise legal assistant, among other roles. These personality reports are tailored to meet the specific demands of each job profile.

Personality report for Startups

TestGroup's personality report for startups focuses on evaluating essential competencies such as creativity, drive, flexibility, and entrepreneurship. It's crucial for environments where employees must excel in versatile roles and adapt to dynamic challenges. The report aids entrepreneurs and HR managers in selecting suitable candidates and addressing career development, making it an invaluable tool for startup growth.

Personality report for Marketing and Communication

The job-specific personality report for marketing and communication professionals is a comprehensive evaluation tool for roles in this evolving sector. It blends ability and personality tests to gauge critical competencies like verbal skills, creativity, customer focus, and stress resistance. Customizable to fit various job specifications, it provides an objective look at a candidate's strengths and improvement areas, streamlining applicant screening. This tool is adaptable for different educational levels, ensuring wide applicability. Its online format offers testing flexibility, proving essential for modern, fast-paced companies enhancing their marketing and communication teams.

Personality report for Managers

TestGroup's job-specific personality report for managers is a bespoke tool designed to evaluate and nurture leadership qualities in managerial candidates. This assessment distinguishes between managerial and leadership abilities, analyzing leadership styles, suitable roles, and potential strengths and challenges. It focuses on key competencies like leadership, coaching, delegation, inspiration, and result-orientation. Tailored to organizational needs, it's ideal for recruiting and developing effective leaders, forming management teams, and leadership training. The assessment's adaptability allows organizations to use it flexibly, either per candidate or through a platform account, catering to diverse management development strategies.

Personality report for Legal Recruitment

TestGroup's job-specific personality report for legal recruitment is a strategic asset in selecting the right talent for financial roles. This tool crucially evaluates candidates' qualifications and competencies, such as analytical skills, empathy, and decisiveness, which are vital for success in finance. It incorporates both ability and personality assessments, focusing on strengths, weaknesses, and potential risks. Customizable to fit unique organizational needs, it helps identify candidates who are not only intellectually capable but also possess the desirable personality traits for the financial sector. This assessment is valuable for leading companies aiming to convert people data into tangible business results, adaptable across various job levels and financial positions.

Personality report for Sales Jobs

TestGroup's online sales assessment is scientifically validated to objectively evaluate sales abilities. It analyzes key sales stages and categorizes candidates into sales types like Hunter, Consultant, Farmer, and Negotiator. This tool, used globally, offers a detailed overview of a candidate's sales potential and personality fit for specific sales roles, enhancing the selection process for optimal team performance.

Personality report: 4 colors

The Bridge Personality Big Five + 4-color report combines the Big Five and Carl Jung's theory to assess personality traits and behavioral preferences. It features a color wheel representation for easy understanding and is suitable for selection, recruitment, training, and coaching purposes. The report provides insights for personal development, communication, and collaboration styles, and is effective in enhancing interpersonal skills. The Big Five personality test assesses core personality dimensions, and the 4-color personality test simplifies understanding of personal preferences. This report is a comprehensive tool for individual and organizational development.

Personality report: 16 personality types

The 16 Personality Test has a comprehensive personality report designed to understand the diverse personality types within an organization. It's based on Carl Jung's personality paradigm, mapping behavioral characteristics across 16 distinct types. This report is particularly useful for getting to know staff better, forming effective teams, and understanding behavioral preferences. The test's design ensures reliability, incorporating algorithms to check the honesty of responses.

Other customized Bridge Personality reports

The purpose of the custom personality report is to only display the competencies that belong to a particular position. You can select from 8 competencies that are important for the position, which are shown in the report. Of course we also have other custom reports available that we have already compiled, below you will find an overview:

Custom personality test reports based on scientific research

TestGroup's R&D team, collaborating with both local and international universities, has developed all customized personality test reports. The company is renowned for its expertise in predicting workplace behavior using personality questionnaires and intelligence tests. TestGroup provides global advice on using online assessments in organizations. Additionally, the company partners with universities to publish scientific articles about these online assessments. For insights into their research, you can access one of their assessment studies here.

Bridge Personality reports

There are many different reports available for The Bridge Personality. There are reports for recruitment, coaching, sales and teams. You can include your selected competencies in each of these reports. This way you can choose the report that you find most suitable.

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