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Assessment for retraining into ICT

Wednesday 05 June 2024

Before candidates can be retrained into ICT, it is important to determine whether they possess the right interests and capabilities. You can use a career choice test (The Bridge Career) and a capacity test (The Bridge Ability Suite) for this purpose.

Assessment for retraining into ICT

When retraining personnel, it is most effective to strike a balance between knowledge that an employee already has and the new knowledge that they will obtain. A new job often requires different competencies. Therefore, training is often necessary, especially for a new position in ICT.

With retraining, an employee or job applicant chooses to follow an education or training course that will provide them with the necessary knowledge to perform a different job or even to enter a different profession entirely. 

Reasons for retraining:

  • There are no options for growth within the current job;
  • The employee or applicant is no longer motivated within their current role;
  • There are more perspectives within other functions (think of ICT);
  • An employee can no longer perform the current function due to physical complaints.

Questions during assessment for retraining:

  • What position does the employee want to have?
  • Does the employee have the (cognitive) abilities to successfully complete the training?

A career choice test for retraining

To determine where an employee's interests lie, it is best to administer a career choice test. The Bridge Career is a scientific, professional career choice test that thoroughly investigates career options. After completing the test, the candidate receives an extensive career choice report in which the most appropriate training and professions are discussed. The Bridge Career is available in a college/university version and a vocational school

An ability test for retraining

After the training has been chosen, it can be examined whether the candidate has the right (ability) level for the training. For example, an employee may once have followed a technical education, but the newly chosen (ICT) training requires a higher education level. To determine whether the employee has reached this level through work experience, a comprehensive ability test can be used to measure the employee’s education level.

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