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Personality Type INTP: Strategist

Strategists (INTPs) are independent problem-solvers. They are adept at making an impartial and concise analysis of an idea or situation. They prefer working independently on a problem or situation. Strategists can become very enthusiastic about theories and ideas. They are highly driven to translate theories into understandable language. They highly value knowledge, competence, and logic. INTPs challenge themselves and others to devise a new, logical approach.

Preferences of INTPs:

  • Logical, original, creative thinkers
  • Unbiased and independent
  • Curious about new theories
  • Quickly spot contradictions
  • Good at problem-solving and inventive
  • Dislike routine tasks
  • Have an eye for contradictions and logic

How do others view INTPs?

In their interactions with others, INTPs are often quiet and reserved. They talk a lot about subjects they know much about or are interested in. At work, they are more interested in devising solutions than in the practical implementation of solutions. Strategists prefer precise explanations without too much superfluous information. They value exact truth, but they can sometimes explain it so complexly that others have difficulty understanding them.

Others view INTPs as:

  • Quiet
  • Controlled
  • Independent
  • Self-reliant
  • Logical

Pitfalls and development points of the INTP:

When INTPs find themselves in a place where they cannot use their characteristics and talents, they can sometimes:

  • Have difficulty applying their ideas in practice
  • Isolate themselves and procrastinate
  • Be insensitive to the information needs of others
  • Be impractical or overlook details

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