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In-company training: 360-degree feedback

The Bridge 360 is an online system for collecting 360-degree feedback on employee performance. It has been the most used 360-degree feedback tool by companies and organizations for more than 15 years. In this half-day training, you will learn how to apply The Bridge 360 in your organization. You will learn how to administer this 360-degree feedback tool, interpret results, and provide correct feedback. This in-company training lasts half a day. It can be delivered online or onsite. You can choose a date yourself, and up to 12 people can participate.

Content of the 360 feedback training

Many organizations worldwide are using The Bridge 360 for employee development. It is a very useful tool for development and provides insights at all levels. However, it is important to implement 360-degree feedback properly. That's why we organize the training: 360-degree feedback, so you go through all phases from start to finish to successfully implement The Bridge 360 at your organization or with your clients

  • Duration: half a day (in-company: at a location of your choice or online);
  • You will receive your own account on the Bridge Assessment Platform so you can use The Bridge 360 immediately;
  • Every participant is allowed to fill in The Bridge 360 prior to the training, a Bridge 360 report will be created for each participant;
  • You will learn how to successfully implement 360-degree feedback in your organization;
  • After this training, you will be able to advise and guide organizations in 360° feedback projects;
  • Included: training materials and The Bridge 360 for all participants;
  • Customization possible: The Bridge 360 qualification training can be tailored to the needs of an organization.

Sample Report: The Bridge 360

You can view a complete sample report of The Bridge 360 here. The report includes scores on the 34 Bridge competencies, a summary, and also general feedback on the participant's performance. It is also possible to include additional competencies or omit certain competencies.

Training in applying 360-Degree Feedback

During the training, you will learn all about the practical application of 360-degree feedback with The Bridge 360. The goal of 360-degree feedback is to encourage self-awareness and self-reflection. In addition to the participant, others from the (work) environment also answer questions about the participant's competencies. These could be colleagues, supervisors, clients, and/or employees.

  • Applying 360° feedback: coaching, development & assessment;
  • Developing a competency profile;
  • The Bridge 360: content and interpretation;
  • Using the 360-degree feedback report for employee interviews;
  • Developing a Personal Development Plan (PDP);
  • Administration and scoring of The Bridge 360 via the Bridge Assessment Platform.

Who is this training for?

The training: 360 degree feedback is suitable for HR managers, coaches, career advisers, trainers, or consultants.

Other training courses

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Preparation for the 360 feedback training

Prior to the training, you will receive an invitation to fill in The Bridge 360 online. During the training you will receive your Bridge 360 report. During to the training, each participant receives The Bridge 360: the booklet for 360 feedback. There is no need to read this booklet prior to training.

Video: administer 360-degree feedback in-house

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