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Finding a suitable, new role: this is where Work2work helps its clients. To do so, they use The Bridge Career, the professional test for both higher professional education and secondary vocational education. But finding an interesting job is only one result. It also gives clients more self-confidence. They feel like getting back to work. That's very nice to see,' says Jaye Bonnier of Work2work.

“Work2work: 'The Bridge Career makes it easy to find a suitable role'.”
Jaye Bonnier - Work2Work

Challenge: find a  tool for reintegration

Work2work offers staffing services, such as reintegration, outplacement, mediation and personal coaching. We mainly take care of 'Spoor 2 trajectories', says Jaye Bonnier, office manager at Work2work. We counsel people who have been ill for a year. They are still employed by their employer, but they cannot return to their own position. Then they have to apply for another job that fits the possibilities'.

In order to map out the options for a client, Work2work always took a free occupational test. But we needed an extensive test so that we could get a good picture of the clients,' says Bonnier. The test report should provide tools to expand the client's search profile. So, on the one hand, the report must provide insight into strong and weak characteristics and, on the other hand, into functions, or a role that suits the client.

The solution: The Bridge Career for university, bachelor and VET level.

Work2work has chosen The Bridge Career from TestGroup for university, bachelor and VET level clients. Bonnier: 'The price-quality ratio is very favourable. We receive an extensive report and usually the login details for a new candidate within ten minutes. Then we send the test to our clients within an hour. Once they have completed the test, they receive the results in the e-mail. We also receive the report, of course'.

The Bridge Career is easy to use, says Bonnier: 'Our clients have no trouble approaching or completing the test. They often complete the test quickly. And it hasn't happened yet that a client finds the test too long'. Once the test has been completed, the coach discusses the results with the client during an interview. Sometimes clients discover new skills and discuss them with their coach.

Result: more suitable jobs and more self-confidence

The Bridge Career makes it much easier to find a suitable position', says Bonnier. There are interesting professions in the report. This allows the coach and client to draw up concrete steps to find such a job. For example, this could be about the training someone has to follow and whether this can be completed within the year of the 'Spoor 2-track'.

An additional advantage of the report is its constructive character, according to Bonnier: 'Many clients are insecure and if they discover that they are suitable for many other jobs, it gives them self-confidence. They feel like starting work, because they know where their strengths lie and whether they will be able to complete the desired training within a year. That's very rewarding to see.

This is what our satisfied customers say about us

“Who am I? What am I capable of? And what do I want? "Because The Bridge Personality answers these kinds of questions, we at Aeres Agree can make the right match faster.”

Silvie van Aanholt, senior consultant

Aeres Agree