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DTV Consultants

As a traffic engineering consultancy, DTV is building a world in which safe and sustainable mobility is self-evident. In addition, they also offer training and courses, including the post-graduate course in Traffic Engineering. A study program for which you need at least a higher professional education diploma. However, sometimes people have the feeling that they are functioning at a higher vocational education level, but they cannot demonstrate this.

DTV Consultants
“Thanks to the Bridge Ability Suite we can admit more people to our corporate training.”
Kim Heerkens, Capacity Building Consultant - DTV Consultants

Draw conclusions quickly

For 1.5 years, DTV Consultants has been using The Bridge Ability Suite to determine whether a student indeed has a higher vocational education level and can participate in the training. Heerkens: "Before we used The Bridge Ability Suite, we worked with a different test. At a certain point we could only purchase that test in a subscription form. Because it is difficult for me to estimate how many tests I need per year, I was looking for an organization where I could take the tests individually. That's how I ended up at TestGroup. "

"The candidates can easily take the tests online when it suits them," Heerkens continues. "The test also only takes an hour. I think it is important that the tests don´t take too much time and that I can quickly draw conclusions. As soon as the test has been taken, we will receive the results by e-mail and I can immediately give feedback. That works very efficiently. And because I take the tests individually, it also saves costs."

Three cognitive ability tests

The Bridge Ability Suite consists of three ability tests: verbal, numerical and abstract. "We take all three tests for potential students or course participants. Because the tests deal with different subjects, we can test in as broad a way as possible whether someone has a higher vocational education level of work and thinking. Where one person is good at word and text comprehension, the other has more numerical skills. By taking three tests, everyone's abilities come into its own."

Admit more people to the training

"Thanks to these ability tests, we can admit more people to the training. Even if they do not have the required diploma, "Heerkens continues. "That is very nice, because we notice that there is a great need for this training. It is a shame that if someone in the past - for whatever reason - was not able to follow a college education, he will still suffer from it later on. And of course we can enlarge our target group.

Personal contact

"The first time I got the results of a test, I went through it with a TestGroup employee and saw what conclusions you can draw. After that I started working with it myself, but in the beginning I still found it difficult. When I had questions about that, they contacted me immediately and gave advice on how to interpret certain things. Later I had a few more questions. My experience is that TestGroup will always contact you very quickly. That works very pleasantly and efficiently."

This is what our satisfied customers say about us

“Who am I? What am I capable of? And what do I want? "Because The Bridge Personality answers these kinds of questions, we at Aeres Agree can make the right match faster.”

Silvie van Aanholt, senior consultant

Aeres Agree