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Short Personality Test

A short personality test is an assessment tool designed to quickly test an individual's personality traits. The Bridge Personality Quickscan is a short personality test that measures the personality of your candidate or employee in just 12 minutes. As this test requires little time and can be used quickly, it is the most widely-used short personality test for recruitment and selection. You can order this test separately (per candidate) or administer it yourself. It is based on the Big Five model of personality.

What is a short personality test?

A short personality test is a short test that allows you to quickly identify the personality of your candidate. Ideal for recruitment and selection. The Bridge Personality Quickscan is interactive, ensures honest answers from the candidate, and consists of only 72 questions. It is a new, revolutionary method to determine your candidate's personality within 12 minutes. This test can be completed online at home or in the office. The short personality report is available immediately upon completion of the test.

How does this short personality test work?

This short personality test is based on the reliable and valid Big Five personality model. Because scientific research has shown this test to be a good predictor of job performance, it is a useful tool during selection and recruitment. Using the Bridge Assessment Platform, you can easily prepare this test online for your candidates. Once the test has been completed, you can immediately use the report during your selection procedure.

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The Big Five personality model in the short personality test

The Bridge Personality Quickscan uses the famous Big Five personality model to provide a concise yet comprehensive snapshot of an individual's personality traits. The scientific Big Five personality model separates personality in five primary traits, known as the Big Five, which together form the five personality factors. These traits are: Openness to Experience, Conscientiousness, Agreeableness, Extraversion, and Emotional Stability (opposite of Neuroticism). The Big Five are measured with 12 personality dimensions.

The 12 personality dimensions

This short personality test measures 12 personality traits that cover all Big Five personality dimensions. The Bridge Personality Quickscan was scientifically developed and tested for reliability and validity. The 12 dimensions are:

  • 1. Networking: Someone who finds networking important and possesses average skills in this area, demonstrating a balanced approach to connecting with others.
  • 2. Managing: The personality trait managing is characterized by an inclination to coach and motivate others, with occasional engagement in managerial roles, reflecting a balanced focus on leadership.
  • 3. Assertiveness: People with high scores on the personality trait assertiveness exhibit a certain level of speaking skills, feeling reasonably confident in front of large groups and with strangers, indicating a comfort with public speaking.
  • 4. Efficiency: High scores on efficiency describe people as highly organized and proficient in planning and prioritizing, showing a strong ability to manage tasks and time effectively.
  • 5. Dedication: Candidates with a high score on dedication have a willingness to embrace new challenges and initiate actions proactively, indicating a certain level of ambition and self-motivation.
  • 6. Conscientiousness: People with high scores on conscientiousness work with high accuracy, pay close attention to details, and prefer environments where meticulousness is valued, emphasizing a detail-oriented work style.
  • 7. Collaboration: High scores on collaboration mean a more-than-average focus on assisting colleagues, and that the individual values teamwork, preferring collaborative environments over working solo.
  • 8. Resiliency: People who are resilient have a positive outlook, exhibit stress resilience, and have a decent level of self-esteem, indicating a balanced emotional and psychological strength.
  • 9. Flexibility: Candidates with a high score on flexibility are open to feedback and adjust viewpoints or behavior to different situations or people on occasion, showing a moderate level of adaptability.
  • 10. Creativity: People with high scores on creativity demonstrate an ability to develop new concepts and occasionally come up with original ideas, seeking innovative solutions to problems with a high frequency.
  • 11. Eagerness to learn: Eagerness to learn is defined as an interest in acquiring new knowledge, an inclination towards personal development, and learning at a fast pace, indicating a commitment to growth.
  • 12. Analytical: The personality trait analytical stands for a higher-than-average interest in analyzing information and a keenness to solve problems, highlighting a strong analytical and problem-solving orientation.

Sample report: short personality test

You can view a sample report of the short personality test here. The report displays scores on 12 personality traits that can be used for employee selection and development. You can easily link the competencies in the report to job profiles.

Sample page from the report

Features of the short personality test

  • Duration of 12 minutes;
  • Based on the Big Five personality model;
  • This test measures whether your candidate has been honest while completing it;
  • Most-used short personality test in many countries;
  • Available in 20 languages, including Dutch, English, German, French, and Spanish;
  • Developed in collaboration with Utrecht University;
  • Can be ordered as a separate test (per candidate) or via your own account on The Bridge Assessment Platform;
  • Usage: recruitment and selection;
  • Attractive and insightful report.

Has your candidate been honest? Find out with Normative-Ipsative split technology®

Using Normative-Ipsative split technology®, The Bridge Personality Quickscan makes the directive response behavior of the candidate or applicant transparent. Normative-Ipsative splits® are indicators in the report that determine the exact amount of directive response behavior exhibited by the candidate at the competency level. This enables you to pinpoint in the report which specific competency the candidate responded to with a "directive" approach. This useful technique is indispensable during the selection and recruitment or personnel development processes.

How to use a short personality test in recruitment

This comprehensive manual is tailored for HR professionals and recruiters to effectively utilize a short personality test as a crucial tool in their recruitment and selection work.

1. Overview of the short personality test

  • Characteristics: The Bridge Personality Quickscan is a short personality test, designed to quickly and accurately assess the personality traits of potential candidates within a concise timeframe of 12 minutes.
  • Composition: This short personality test comprises 72 meticulously crafted questions, allowing for an efficient yet thorough personality evaluation.

2. Theoretical Foundation in the Big Five model

  • Scientific underpinnings: Detailed explanation of the Big Five Personality model, the cornerstone of this short personality test, known for its robustness and predictive accuracy in assessing job performance.

2. Preparing and administering the test

  • Access and setup: Elaborate instructions on acquiring and setting-up this short personality test for potential candidates, either on an individual basis or in larger groups.
  • Candidate instructions: Clear guidance on how candidates should approach and complete the test, whether remotely or in a controlled environment.

3. Conducting the short personality test

  • Administration protocols: Detailed procedures for administering this short personality test, ensuring standardization and reliability of the testing environment.
  • Time management: Emphasizing the efficiency of this short personality test and strategies to ensure candidates complete it within the allotted time.

4. Analysis of test reports

  • Score interpretation: In-depth guidelines on interpreting the scores from this short personality test, focusing on each of the Big Five traits.
  • Integrating results into recruitment: Advanced techniques for incorporating test results into the broader context of the candidate evaluation process.

5. Maximizing the impact of short personality tests

  • Role and benefits: An extensive discussion on the strategic importance of short personality tests in contemporary recruitment practices, highlighting their role in enhancing diversity, cultural fit, and providing a multifaceted view of candidates.
  • Best practices for use: Detailed recommendations on how and when to incorporate this short personality test into various stages of the recruitment process for maximum effectiveness.

6. Balancing assessment and candidate experience

  • Optimizing test timing: Insights on the best timing for deploying this short personality test to gain meaningful insights while maintaining candidate engagement.
  • Avoiding test fatigue: Strategies to balance the use of this short personality test with other assessment tools to avoid overwhelming candidates.

7. Ensuring fairness and accuracy

  • Mitigating bias: Advanced techniques for using this short personality test to reduce unconscious bias and promote equitable recruitment practices.
  • Correlation with interviews: How to effectively combine insights from this short personality test with behavioral observations during interviews for a holistic candidate assessment.

8. Reflective and adaptive use

  • Ongoing evaluation: Encouraging a culture of continuous improvement, including regular reviews of the effectiveness of this short personality test and adapting it based on recruitment outcomes and evolving job requirements.

Using short personality tests in recruitment: Integrating with Cognitive Ability Assessments

In the dynamic landscape of recruitment, leveraging various assessment tools is essential for a comprehensive evaluation of candidates. Central to this approach is the use of a short personality test, exemplified by The Bridge Personality Quickscan, alongside The Bridge Ability Online, a short cognitive ability test. The Quickscan, a succinct 12-minute assessment rooted in the Big Five personality model, offers rapid yet in-depth insights into candidates' personality traits. Complementing this, The Bridge Ability Online, an 18-minute evaluation, measures cognitive skills such as numerical, verbal, and abstract reasoning. This combination of a short personality test with a cognitive ability assessment presents a holistic method to gauge both the personality and intellectual capabilities of candidates, enriching the decision-making process in recruitment.

Combining a short personality test with a short cognitive ability test

When integrating the short personality test and the short cognitive ability test into recruitment, clear guidance and accessibility for candidates are crucial. Both assessments can be easily set up and instructions should be provided to ensure candidates understand the process. The total duration of these tests is a manageable 30 minutes, balancing thorough assessment with the candidate's convenience.

Administering these tests uniformly is key to maintaining reliability. The Bridge Assessment Platform will help you with this. Effective time management during the testing period is essential to keep candidates engaged and to minimize fatigue, especially considering the concise nature of the short personality test.

Interpreting the results from these assessments is critical in their application. The short personality test, The Bridge Personality Quickscan, sheds light on aspects like work behavior and team compatibility, while The Bridge Ability Online provides insights into cognitive abilities crucial for roles involving problem-solving and decision-making.

Integrating these results enables recruiters to form a comprehensive view of a candidate's potential. The insights from the short personality test are particularly valuable, as they help in understanding how a candidate's personality may complement their cognitive abilities, leading to more nuanced hiring decisions.

The combination of a short personality test with a cognitive ability test significantly streamlines the recruitment process. It facilitates a more focused pre-selection, potentially reducing the number of candidates for interviews, saving both time and resources.

However, ethical considerations are paramount. It's essential to use these tests to promote fairness in recruitment, being mindful of biases. They should be part of a broader evaluation that includes interviews and other methods. Continual review and adaptation based on feedback and outcomes are crucial for maintaining the relevance and effectiveness of these tools.

In conclusion, incorporating a short personality test like The Bridge Personality Quickscan with a cognitive ability test like The Bridge Ability Online into recruitment strategies offers a nuanced perspective on each candidate. This approach not only makes the recruitment process more efficient but also contributes to balanced and informed hiring decisions. As the recruitment landscape evolves, the role of a short personality test in combination with other assessment tools will become increasingly vital in identifying candidates who are not just skilled but also align with the organizational ethos.

Do you need a personality test for the development of your team? Then consider the 4-color personality test or the 16 personality test. Do you need an extensive personality test for recruitment? Then consider the Big Five personality test.

Sample report

The short personality test report provides scores on 12 competencies. This gives you a complete overview of your candidate's personality. The 12 competencies in the report are based on the Big Five; the scientific personality model that allows you to predict behavior with personality. This makes this test ideal for selection and recruitment.

Video: conducting short personality tests in-house

Want to conduct short personality tests in-house? With your own account on The Bridge Assessment Platform, you can use the tests independently. You can choose from credits or a subscription with unlimited use.

Frequently asked questions about the short personality test

  • Is this short personality test scientifically developed?

  • Certainly! This test has been developed in collaboration with Utrecht University. As such, the test has been extensively researched for reliability and validity. The test was developed according to the model of the Big Five.

  • What is the price of this short personality test?

  • The Bridge Personality Quickscan is currently 125 euros per candidate (separate test). If you take out a subscription or purchase the tests via credits, the test is a lot cheaper (from 5 euros per test). You will find all the information about the prices on the prices page. All prices are exclusive of VAT.

  • What is the advantage of a short personality test?

  • The advantage of this short test is that a candidate only needs 12 minutes to complete the test, which is much faster than with a 'normal' comprehensive personality test such as The Bridge Personality, which takes 45 minutes.

  • Is the report of this test also shorter?

  • Yes, the report is also shorter (4 pages) than the standard personality test report (12 pages). Furthermore, 1 report is available for the short personality test, while 6 different reports are available for the extended version.

  • Who is this short personality test available to?

  • Because this test has been developed for professional use, this test is only available for companies, organizations, and governments, and not for private individuals.

  • In which languages is this short personality test available?

  • This test is available in more than 20 languages, including Dutch and English.

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