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Personality Type ISTJ: Realist

Realists (Personality Type ISTJ) possess a strong sense of responsibility and are loyal to the organization they work for, their families, friends, and other relationships in their life. They are persistent in completing their tasks on time and as agreed. They will put a lot of effort into finishing tasks they deem important. They dislike having to perform a task whose purpose they do not see. Realists value responsibility and professionalism highly. They can also place high demands on others in terms of responsibility and duty.

Preferences of the ISTJ (Realist):

  • Practical, realistic, and objective
  • Able to work in a structured and systematic way
  • Extremely thorough, responsible, and reliable
  • Well-organized and hard workers
  • Steadfastly work towards established goals

How do others view ISTJs?

Realists will be social and people-oriented if they feel good in their role. They will not share their opinions and feelings with everyone, probably only with close friends. They sometimes struggle to see the value of things they do not consider important. Once they are convinced that something is important to someone, they will commit to it, even if they still do not find it important themselves.

Others see the ISTJ (Realist) as:

  • Calm
  • Serious
  • Clear
  • Honest
  • Structured
  • Loyal to rules and structure

Pitfalls & development points of the ISTJ

If Realists end up in a place where they cannot use their characteristics and talents, they can:

  • Sometimes miss the broader context of their decisions
  • Rely so strongly on their logic that they pay too little attention to the impact of their decisions on other people
  • Appear business-like and cool, which can deter people who need contact and intimacy

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