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Big Five + 4-color report

The Bridge Personality Big Five + 4-color report is based on two personality models: the Big Five and Carl Jung's theory. It includes scores on 34 Big Five competencies as well as scores on the 4-colors, presented in an attractive color wheel. The Big Five part of this report is suitable for selection and recruitment, while the 4-colors section can be used for training and coaching. This report becomes available immediately after a participant completes The Bridge Personality.

Content of the Big Five + 4-color report

The Big Five + 4-color report, in addition to providing scores on the 34 Big Five competencies, offers insights into behavioral preferences using the easy and accessible 4-color model (blue, green, red, and yellow). It provides concrete tools for developing work performance at the individual, team, and organizational levels.


The Bridge Personality test takes about 40 minutes to complete. The report is available immediately afterwards.

  • Can be ordered as an individual test (per candidate) or through your own account on the Bridge assessment platform;
  • We will have the personality test ready within 30 minutes;
  • The report is available immediately after completion;
  • Available in 20 languages including English, Dutch, German, French and Spanish.
  • Large volume? Then choose to administer in-house;
  • No mandatory training required.

Example of the Big Five + 4-color report

You can view a sample report of the Bridge Personality Big Five + 4-color report here. This report first displays the scores on the 34 Big Five competencies, which can be matched with almost any job profile. Then, the scores on the 4-colors are presented in a beautiful color wheel. On the last page of the report, the scores on 8 commonly used competencies are listed.

Sample page of the report

The 4-color model

The well-known 4-color model (blue, red, yellow, green) provides insight into personal preferences in an easy to use and memorable way. It is precisely this simplicity that makes the model so popular: tell me what your first color is, and I’ll have a better understanding of how to interact with you.

The 4-color model is based on the ideas of Carl Gustav Jung; the Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist who introduced the concept of psychological preferences. The Bridge Personality Big Five + 4-color report links those preferences to 4 colors. This provides helpful insight into your own reactions and behavior and helps you to understand why other people display completely different behavior.

Benefits of the report

  • Personal development suggestions
  • Insight into the candidate’s management and collaboration styles
  • Effective communication and feedback
  • Optimize communication with opposite color types in your organization
  • Develop interpersonal and communication skills
  • Strengthen collaboration with colleagues

The Big Five personality model

The Big Five personality model is a scientifically grounded framework that evaluates five core dimensions of personality. Known as the Big Five, these traits include Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Emotional Stability. The model in a Big Five personality test is also referred to as the Five-Factor model or the OCEAN model. Due to its robust scientific foundation, the Big Five personality assessment is highly regarded and widely used in the recruitment and selection process of employees.

The 4-color team report

The 4-color team report is a dynamic tool crafted to bolster teamwork, foster effective communication, and facilitate conflict resolution. It's structured to provide an insightful overview of a team's collective strengths, proving invaluable for managers in understanding team dynamics. The report addresses key queries such as the team's operational efficiency, optimal collaboration methods, and avenues for improvement.

Ordering is straightforward: obtain the team and individual 4-color personality tests via the order page, have each team member complete the test, and then receive both individual and team reports. Both reports can be used during a do-it-yourself team session.

What sets the 4-color team report apart is its customization, incorporating insights from all team members based on the 16 Personality Test and four colors. It's an essential asset for team sessions, offering strategies for enhanced problem-solving and communication. With practical exercises, the report sheds light on the team's potential and pathways for growth. Accessible online and requiring no mandatory training, it's a user-friendly tool for any team aiming to elevate its performance.

What does the candidate want to develop? Find out with Normative-Ipsative split technology®

A modern (adaptive) personality test such as The Bridge Personality uses both normative and ipsative propositions. Normative means that the candidate scores a statement on a scale from one to nine (1 = very strongly disagree, 9 = very strongly agree). In this case, ipsative means that the candidate ranks questions from one to six (1 = least applicable to me, 6 = most applicable to me). By combining normative and ipsative statements, it is possible to provide insight into socially desirable response behavior and consenting responses up to the level of the personality dimension.

Using Normative-Ipsative split technology®, The Bridge Personality Report then provides insight into steering response behavior. This way, you can see exactly where a candidate has doubts. This doubt often provides valuable information about the competencies that the candidate would like to develop. An indispensable tool during the coaching and development of candidates.

Sample: Big Five + 4-color report

The Bridge Personality Big Five + Color report provides scores on 34 Big Five competencies, the candidate's color preference and scores on 8 general competencies. This gives you a good overview of your candidate’s personality.

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