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Competency Test

A competency test is an online test that measures a person's skills and abilities. The competency test from TestGroup is the most commonly used competency test by companies and organizations in many countries. You can order the competency test individually (per candidate) or use it through your own account on the Bridge Assessment Platform from TestGroup. The competency test standardly measures 34 competencies. It is also possible to include custom competencies in the test.

What is a competency test?

A competency test provides insight into the competencies, qualities, and development opportunities of your employees or job applicants. The competency test from TestGroup is specifically developed to measure a person's skills, knowledge, and abilities in relation to a particular task or function.

With a a competency test you can map out the competencies of your candidates during selection or recruitment. In addition, these tests are often used when evaluating existing employees. For example for development or coaching. The Bridge Personality competency test is ideally suited for testing competencies and measures 34 Big Five competencies as standard. Of course it is also possible to adjust the competences in this test in a customized report. As a result, this test can be used for every job profile.

How does TestGroup's competency test work?

The Bridge Personality is a professional competency test. This test has been specially developed for use within companies and organizations. You can use it for the recruitment, selection and development of your employees. The competency test measures 34 competencies that you can match with any job profile. These competencies are linked to the Big Five model of personality. More information about these competencies can be found here.

Order a competency test

The competency test can be ordered as a separate test (per item) or via your own account on the TestGroup assessment platform.

  • You can order a competency test for your candidate (single use).
  • Select 'Personality Test' from the order page.
  • Only available for businesses and organizations.
  • We will create the competency test for your candidate the same day.
  • Ask your candidate to complete the test.
  • If needed, a TestGroup consultant can guide you through the report over the phone.
  • Planning on using tests and online assessments in high volume? Opt for a more cost-efficient corporate account on the Bridge Assessment Platform.

Competency Test: Example report

You can view the sample report of the competency test here, which shows the scores on 34 Big Five competencies. These competencies are suitable for just about any position, making it ideal for use in recruitment, selection, and HR.

Example page from the competency report

Which 34 competencies are measured in the competency test?

Understanding the personal competencies of our employees and applicants is essential for building successful teams, talent management, and leadership. TestGroup's competency test is based on the robust foundations of the Big Five theory and adapted to our unique four categories: Governance, Execution, Attitude, and Mental. These categories are further divided into subcategories that together encompass 34 crucial competencies. Below you will find the complete overview of the competencies. Would you like a handy tool for working with these competencies? Then use the competency cards that come with the competency test.


  • 1. Networking - The ability to build and maintain relationships
  • 2. Sociable - The skill to interact with others in a friendly and effective manner.


  • 3. Decisive - Being able to make decisions quickly and effectively.
  • 4. Guiding - The ability to lead and provide guidance.
  • 5. Coaching - Being able to guide and develop others.


  • 6. Convincing - The ability to influence and convince others.
  • 7. Critical - The ability to ask critical questions and evaluate processes.
  • 8. Socially bold - Confidence in social interactions.


  • 9. Methodical - The ability to work systematically and organized.
  • 10. Integrity - Acting honestly and ethically.
  • 11. Action focused - Being able to take the initiative and act.


  • 12. Initiative - Beginning tasks and persevering with them without encouragement.
  • 13. Career focused - Being oriented towards professional development and growth.
  • 14. Enterprising - Being initiative-taking and willing to take business risks.


Social contact

  • 18. Cooperative - Being able to work well in a team.
  • 19. Helpful - Willingness to support others.
  • 20. Considerate - Attention to the needs of others.




  • 27. Creative - The ability to come up with and develop original ideas.
  • 28. Abstract - Being comfortable with abstract concepts.
  • 29. Strategic - Long-term planning and vision development.


  • 30. Insight - Understanding complex ideas and theories.
  • 31. Practical - Applying knowledge to practical situations.
  • 32. Inquiring - A strong desire to learn and acquire knowledge.


  • 33. Analytical - Being able to analyze information in detail.
  • 34. Rational - Being able to think logically and factually.

Custom Competencies

Are the competencies you need for your organization not listed? That's not a problem. It is also possible to include custom competencies in the competency test. You can submit up to 8 competencies that you want to include in the test. The experts at TestGroup will then create a custom report for your organization.

Features of the competency test

  • The competency test measures 34 Big Five competencies;
  • Can be used for selection and development of personnel;
  • Determine whether your candidate has been honest during the completion;
  • Available in multiple languages;
  • Online, reliable, and scientifically-based;

Administering Competency Tests: Individual Purchase or Subscription

At TestGroup, you can easily choose how you want to administer tests: order tests individually (per candidate) or use tests in your own management via an account on the Bridge Assessment Platform.

  • Testing a candidate now and then? Then opt for individual test purchases. This is a great choice if you need fewer than 10 tests per year.
  • Looking for an affordable option without high startup costs? Then go for an account with credits.
  • If you want the lowest price per test and want to test unlimitedly throughout the year, then an account with unlimited usage is perfect for you.
  • No worries about startup times - your account is up and running within a day. 
  • In your account, you will have access to all our tests and online assessments.
  • No fuss with mandatory training. Our TestGroup consultants are always ready to give you free advice.
  • The online assessment platform is easy and quick to use.
  • You can put your own branding and logo in your account.

Was your candidate honest while completing the competency test? With Normative-Ipsative Split Technology® you have certainty

The modern (adaptive) competency test from TestGroup uses Normative-Ipsative Split Technology®. With this AI (artificial intelligence)-based technique, this competency assessment ensures that you gain insight into the directive answering behavior of your candidate. Normative-Ipsative splits® are indicators that show at the level of a competency where the candidate had doubts. An indispensable technique during the selection of candidates.

How to use a competency test in your organization

Step 1: Understand the importance of competency management

  • Realize how important it is to know the skills, knowledge, motivation, personality, and abilities of your employees and applicants. Also delve into the use of competencies during selection. This helps you as a manager to steer purposefully and contribute to the growth of your team and organization.

Step 2: Choose the right competency test

  • Find a competency test that fits the specific requirements of the roles within your organization. This test should assess the personality and motivations of candidates and should be adaptable to the required competencies for each role. The competency test from TestGroup meets these criteria. With this competency test, you can also enter custom competencies. This allows you to include the competencies of your organization in the test.

Step 3: Order the competency test

Step 4: Analyze the test results

  • Take the time to thoroughly review the results of the competency test. Look at how someone scores on each competency and determine how this aligns with the requirements of the role. If you want more information about the candidate's abilities or intelligence, then use a cognitive ability test.

Step 5: Discuss the results

  • Schedule a meeting to discuss the results of the test. Start by discussing the different competencies and reflect together on the questions 'Who are you?' and 'What can you do?'. Look at development opportunities in a follow-up conversation.

Step 6: Use the results for development and team composition

  • Use the outcomes of the test not only for the selection process but also to see where there is room for the development of employees and for assembling strong teams. For this purpose, a competency test team report is available.

Step 7: Integrate the competencies into the selection process

  • Let the insights from the test guide you in making decisions in the selection and hiring process. This ensures that the people you hire are not only suitable at the moment but also have the potential to grow within your company.

Carefully follow these steps to successfully implement competency management through a competency test in your organization. It contributes to a strong company structure and a team that is ready for future challenges.

Case Study: Implementation of TestGroup's Competency Test at GP Groot


GP Groot is a versatile organization active in various market segments such as collection and recycling, fuels and oil trade, and infrastructure and engineering. With nearly a thousand colleagues and a shared mission for a circular, energy-neutral, and climate-resistant future, GP Groot places great value on assembling a team where each individual’s personality contributes to realizing their ambition to be the best in their field.


The challenge for GP Groot was to optimize their recruitment and selection process to avoid mismatches that were not necessarily based on education or skills, but on personality differences and cultural fit within the organization. Past experiences showed that newly hired staff left the organization because they did not have the right personality for their role or did not feel at home in the company culture.


Since late 2014, GP Groot has implemented TestGroup's competency test in their recruitment and selection procedure. This choice was made due to the clarity and accessibility of the reports generated from the test, which match GP Groot's approachable and pragmatic company culture.

Use of the Competency Test within GP Groot

Test as Standard Procedure

The competency test from TestGroup has become a standard part of the application process for office positions within GP Groot. Candidates invited for a second interview take the test online. The results are then discussed during the interview with the hiring manager.

Depth and Relevance

The outcomes of the test allow interviewers to ask more targeted questions and delve deeper into relevant competencies. This offers candidates the opportunity to better explain their skills and personality, and enables GP Groot to evaluate the intrinsic motivation and personal fit of the candidate.

Practical Examples

If the test results indicate that a candidate particularly values detailed planning, GP Groot uses this information to explore how the candidate reacts to unforeseen situations. This aids in assessing whether a candidate is truly suitable for the role and the organization.


The use of the competency test has led to more insight into the personality and intrinsic motivation of candidates. It has helped GP Groot make better staffing decisions, which has increased efficiency and satisfaction within teams. This has also contributed to reducing turnover, as the match between person and role is more accurate.


The introduction of TestGroup's competency test at GP Groot has shown that a thorough understanding of both the skills and personality of potential employees is essential for a successful match. This benefits not only the organization but also the personal and professional growth of the candidate. Through the implementation of this testing method, GP Groot has taken a step forward in strengthening their teams with the right people who contribute to their mission for a sustainable future.

This case study illustrates the value of a thoughtful selection process and highlights how tools like TestGroup's competency test can be used to address organization-specific needs and also enrich the candidate experience.

Guide: How can you use a competency test for a training courses and workshops?

A competency test, also known as a competency assessment, serves as an official gauge of an employee's qualifications in relation to their job requirements. The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development(CIPD) characterizes these as the essential behaviors and technical attributes required for effective job performance. Competencies are typically outlined by HR experts for every role within an organization. However, as professionals in learning and development, it's imperative for us to engage in the dialogue concerning competencies and their influence on our training offerings.

When implemented prior to training initiatives, a competency test can pinpoint an individual’s performance level by juxtaposing their skills or knowledge with the job’s specifications. This becomes the foundation upon which tailored training interventions and recommendations are constructed, ensuring alignment with the client's needs.

1. How does a competency test work?

A well-designed competency test measures both the behavioral aspect of a role and the proficiency level of the performance, setting it against expected standards. The outcomes of such assessments can unveil existing skill gaps or areas requiring improvement. For instance, conducting an evaluation within a new employee's initial 100 days—and sharing the insights—can define what constitutes job excellence. Applied during onboarding, these tests can substantially decrease the time it takes for a new hire to reach full competency.

This is crucial since an employee's sense of proficiency profoundly affects their engagement and job satisfaction.

2. The importance of competency tests in training courses and workshops

As an expert training consultant, you're aware of the substantial investment associated with workshops and trainings. Not everyone requires the same level of skills enhancement. Indeed, it's common to find individuals in workshops who might not benefit as much, while others who need training aren't present. When training isn't precisely aligned with competencies, the results can be inconsistent. Envision a client needing to secure highly skilled individuals to maintain their competitive edge; they may seek to cultivate business acumen as a key competency. When you design training to bolster the critical skills employees require for their roles, you bolster your clients' strategic goals.

Clients seek a return on investment—they aim for tangible outcomes. By correlating training with the necessary competencies, you facilitate the achievement of these objectives.

3. Other applications of competency tests

Competency tests are integral to processes such as recruitment, skills development, and career advancement. They're also utilized to establish internal certification benchmarks for particular positions. For example, an organization might develop role-specific certifications for new managers, as seen with some of my clients. A well-crafted competency model assists in identifying the competencies new managers must possess. Once assessed and deemed proficient, they can be designated as 'certified.' It's a robust process.

4. Neglecting competencies: what's the impact?

We aspire to believe that individuals are selected for roles that align with their skillsets and experiences, yet studies indicate this isn't always the case. On paper, candidates may seem suitable, but without thorough assessment, the risk of a poor hiring decision increases. Optimal hires are those who are both fully competent and highly motivated. Nonetheless, sourcing the ideal candidate can be time-consuming and costly. If the trainees lack the necessary competencies, it can make your training initiatives significantly more challenging.

Therefore, if a client isn't conducting a training needs analysis or utilizing a competency test, it's worth explaining the benefits of these practices.

5. Frequency of competency testing

Understanding where training is most needed is impossible without insights into skill levels. Data from skills assessments is vital for identifying and addressing skill gaps. Some organizations may adopt a 'once and done' approach, conducting competency tests solely during the hiring process. However, to foster high-performance standards, it’s essential for clients to routinely evaluate competencies with consistent testing. Should they identify deficiencies, they can engage your services to address them effectively.

A competency test based on scientific research

All Bridge instruments have been developed by TestGroup's Research & Development team, in collaboration with universities at home and abroad. TestGroup specializes in predicting work behavior with personality questionnaires and cognitive ability tests. We advise organizations worldwide on the application of online assessments. TestGroup also regularly publishes scientific articles about online assessments together with universities. On the website of the APA (American Psychological Association), you can view one of our studies.

Competency test reports

There are 6 different competency reports available for the competency test (The Bridge Personality), with the purpose of recruitment, coaching, sales and teams. Custom reports are also available for The Bridge Personality. With The Bridge Personality custom report, you can choose the competencies to be included in the report.

Video: Administer Competency Tests In-House

Do you want to take control and manage competency tests yourself? By creating your own account on the Bridge Assessment Platform, you gain the freedom to independently conduct tests as needed. Depending on your needs, you can opt for a flexible credit system or for a subscription that offers unlimited access. This way, you'll always have the right tools at your fingertips to fully utilize your team's potential.

Frequently asked questions about TestGroup's Competency Test

  • How can I order competency tests from TestGroup?

  • You can order our competency tests in three different ways. On the one hand, you can order them separately, which is convenient for small quantities. Or you can also purchase tests using our credit system. And for companies that want to purchase large quantities, we also offer the option of a subscription. You can find more information on our pricing page.

  • Who can order the competency tests?

  • Our competency tests are only available to companies, organizations and governments, not to individuals. You can order a competency test at our order page.

  • What is the competency test used for?

  • Our competency tests are mainly used during selection processes, as they provide a picture of candidates' personalities and competencies. In addition, it is also certainly possible to use the test on your current employees to better employ them in your company.

  • How much does a competency test cost?

  • The price for a single competency test starts at €115. The price of this test is much lower (from €5,-), if you take the test via credits or a subscription for personal use.

  • Is training necessary to use this competency assessment?

  • If you want to take this competency assessment, it is not necessary to take a training course first. When using the report, it is always possible to contact our customer service consultants. They can go through the report with you over the phone. This will take you 15 minutes and then you can get started right away.

  • How soon is the competency report available?

  • Normally, competency test reports are sent within 30 minutes of completion of the test, by one of our customer service representatives. For account holders of The Bridge Assessment Platform, the reports are of course available immediately.

  • What reports are available for this competency assessment?

  • Six reports are available for the competency test, specifically for recruitment, coaching, sales and teams. But you can also have a customized report compiled, depending on the competencies you want to test.

  • On what scientific theory are these competency tests based?

  • TestGroup's competency tests are based on the scientifically-developed Big Five model of personality. The test report provides scores on 34 competencies linked to the Big Five.

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