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GP Groot

In the past, mismatches were made during recruitment and selection processes at GP Groot. That mismatch was not in matters such as education and skills, but in personality. People left the organization because they lacked the right personality for the position, or because they did not feel at home in the corporate culture. But…

GP Groot
“Since we began testing personality with The Bridge Personality, there are significantly fewer "unhappy marriages".”
Marja Kramer, recruiter - GP Groot

GP Groot works in three market segments: collection and recycling, fuels and oil trade, and infrastructure and engineering. “And although our activities seem very diverse, we all work together towards the same goal: a circular, energy-neutral and climate-proof future, ” says Kramer. “We have the ambition to be the best, not necessarily to become the biggest. Yet we are already with almost a thousand colleagues. ”

More depth during job interviews

Since the end of 2014, during the recruitment and selection of new employees, the personality test of TestGroup is used: The Bridge Personality. Kramer: “The choice has led to these test cases because the reports that come out are very clear and easy to read regardless of the candidate's level of education. That low threshold suits our organization´s needs well, and our candidates are happy with it too. They find the test hard because it forces them to really think about themselves, but above all practical, to the point and understandable. We are now using the test for the majority of office functions. I invite candidates who passed for a second interview to take the test online. We discuss the result during the second meeting, in which also the vacancy holder joins in. The test results immediately give that conversation depth. Our questions become better, we can keep asking questions and the candidate has concrete tools to explain things."

Measure intrinsic motivation and personality

The test deals with various topics, such as networks, systematic work and result orientation. Kramer: “When a candidate's test shows that he likes to plan in detail, then during the conversation I can check how he deals with unexpected twists and turns. And if a candidate account manager has the right training and skills but the test shows that she does not like networking, that is also reason to continue asking questions. Sometimes you come to the conclusion that the position does not fit well. That's fine, because I don't want to hire someone who constantly has to adjust his or her behavior to be able to wear the function. GP Groot is also a pragmatic organization with many doers. Candidates who are very strategic often turn out to be an unfortunate match in the long-term. We also bring that up with the test. With The Bridge Personality, we see whether someone is intrinsically motivated and fits our company in terms of personality. That is also important for the candidate. We ask people to cancel their security and embark on an adventure with us. You shouldn't think too lightly about that. ”

"Time is scarce, and TestGroup understands that"

And not only the experiences with The Bridge Personality, but also with TestGroup as an organization are very positive according to Kramer. “The platform surrounding the test is completely user-friendly and that makes me self-reliant. But when I can't figure out or if I see something strange in a test result, then I know they are there for me. If I have a question I always get a good answer in no time. Those short lines and that speed are extremely important in trendy recruitment and selection processes. I always have a deadline: the last day of the month, in connection with the notice period. Time is always scarce in my work. It is very pleasant to work with a company that understands this like no other. And that company is TestGroup. ”

This is what our satisfied customers say about us

“Who am I? What am I capable of? And what do I want? "Because The Bridge Personality answers these kinds of questions, we at Aeres Agree can make the right match faster.”

Silvie van Aanholt, senior consultant

Aeres Agree