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Personality test: the Bridge Personality

The Bridge Personality is often part of the online assessment. Organizations use personality tests such as the Bridge Personality during selection procedures, development processes, or career guidance because extensive research has shown that personality questionnaires are a good predictor of future work behavior.

By completing in the Bridge Personality:

  • You learn more about your own personality and work behavior
  • You gain insight into what kind of organization best suits you
  • You can find out in which area you can still develop
  • You can better determine which functions suit you well

With the Bridge Personality, organizations can:

  • Get more information about a candidate and make better selection choices
  • Figure out which position a certain candidate would fit well
  • Gain insight into the development needs of an employee

To properly prepare for the Bridge Personality, you can download the manual on the right. It contains all the information you’ll need about the tool.

Ability test: the Bridge Ability Suite

Organizations often use ability tests as part of assessment procedures. These assessments are used for the selection or development of personnel, and research shows that ability tests are good predictors of future work behavior.

Ability tests can help you with:

  • Showing what you are good at
  • Being judged fairly on the basis of the criteria in a selection procedure
  • Discovering more about your strengths and points where you can develop further
  • Making a conscious career choice based on your abilities

Organizations use ability tests to:

  • Select employees who best fit the requirements of a particular position
  • Determine in which area employees or applicants can be developed in the future
  • Get an objective picture of a candidate's abilities

The Bridge Ability Suite consists of three ability tests: a test that measures abstract abilities, a test that measures numerical abilities, and a test that measures verbal abilities. You can download the instructions on the right to prepare for the tests. A detailed manual is available for each test.

TestGroup's tests & online assessments

TestGroup is the developer of the Bridge assessment instruments, which are high-quality, scientific tests that are applied all over the world. All Bridge instruments have been developed by TestGroup in collaboration with universities in the Netherlands and abroad. TestGroup specializes in predicting work behavior with personality tests, cognitive ability tests and career tests. We advise local and international organizations on the application of online assessments.

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“Who am I? What am I capable of? And what do I want? "Because The Bridge Personality answers these kinds of questions, we at Aeres Agree can make the right match faster.”

Silvie van Aanholt, senior consultant

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