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Online Assessment

An online assessment is a digital tool used to evaluate candidates' skills and suitability for a role. TestGroup offers the most widely used online assessment by organizations in many countries worldwide. Rated best by experts. You can order an online assessment for each candidate (individual purchase), or you can administer online assessments yourself with an account on the Bridge Assessment Platform. No waiting times, your candidate or employee can be tested within 1 hour.

What is an online assessment?

An online assessment is an evaluation of a person’s abilities, behavior and/or personality. This assessment is always administered online. Does your candidate possess the right skills for the job? A resume and interview alone do not always provide detailed enough information. That’s where an online assessment comes in to help decrease your chances of selecting the wrong candidate. An online assessment always pays for itself in the end.

How does the online assessment work?

When you order an online assessment from TestGroup, you can decide which tests to include in the online assessment. You can select the right tests on the order page. TestGroup then sets up the online assessment for your candidate. Most organizations use a personality test and a cognitive ability test to assess their candidates or employees.

For the personality test, you can choose from 4 different reports. For the aptitude test, you can choose from three levels: vocational, higher vocational or university level. A candidate spends about 40 minutes on a personality test. The aptitude test takes 1 hour. The reports are available immediately after completion.

Order the online assessment

  • You can order an online assessment here for your candidate or employee;
  • Available only to companies and organizations;
  • We will set up the online assessment for your candidate or employee within 30 minutes;
  • The online assessment remains ready until the candidate has completed it;
  • The report is available immediately after completion;
  • As a company or organization, you can pay afterwards (by invoice);
  • Planning on high volume use? Then get your own account on the Bridge Assessment Platform.

Example Report: online assessment

You can view an example report of an online assessment here. The report includes scores on 34 Big Five competencies. These competencies are suitable for almost every job role. These competencies are widely used for recruitment, selection, and HR purposes. It's also possible to customize this report with other competencies as needed. A separate report is generated for the cognitive ability tests.

Sample page from the online assessment report

Why you should use TestGroup's online assessment

With TestGroup's online selection assessment, you will immediately receive a clear answer as to whether a candidate is suitable for a certain position. Test your candidates for the characteristics that determine success in your organization, such as personality, competencies, and intelligence. An online assessment will give you an objective picture of each individual, allowing you to immediately sift out unsuitable applicants.

  • The online assessment measures abilities, personality and competencies;
  • Only available for companies and organizations;
  • Scientifically based, reliable and valid;
  • Available at the vocational, higher vocational, and university levels;
  • Available in 20 languages, including Dutch, English, German, French and Spanish;

With an online assessment, you prevent mismatches and bad hires

Due to the scarcity of candidates for many positions, it's important to quickly and effectively understand the personality and intelligence of candidates and applicants. An online assessment (including a personality test and an aptitude test) helps in this regard. It prevents the selection of a mismatch or ‘bad hire’. The cost of a bad hire (wrong candidate) is significant, potentially amounting to half a year's salary. The low cost of the online assessment is just a fraction of this. Thus, it’s a good investment. There are also online assessments available for specific roles, such as the online assessment for technology, the online assessment for law, and the online assessment for HR.

What components does an online assessment from TestGroup include?

The vast majority of companies and organizations use both a Big Five personality test and a cognitive ability test in an online assessment. Research also shows that, in addition to the interview, the use of these two tests yields the best selection results. When ordering an online assessment from TestGroup, you can specify which tests you want to include in the online assessment. Of course, you can also select the level (vocational, higher vocational, or university).

Why do many companies use online assessments?

Many companies see online assessments as an integral part of their recruitment processes and for the development issues for employees or teams. They provide valuable insights and have high predictive accuracy. A careful approach leads to the best results.

With an (online) assessment, you measure existing employees or job candidates on characteristics that are crucial for their performance in the organization or for their development. This can be about drivers, skills, intelligence, behavior, or personality traits. An online assessment provides an objective view of these and is useful, for example, for follow-up discussions about the strengths and growth opportunities of employees or teams. This promotes the development of employees and provides opportunities to motivate and engage them, or to work on, for example, job satisfaction or sustainable employability.

The benefits of an online assessment

  • Assessments can be conducted on-site, but nowadays, they are mostly performed online. Online assessments save companies (and candidates) a lot of time and money.
  • It fits well with the current remote work model and enhances the candidate experience, serving as an introduction to your organization and setting expectations.
  • Using objective testing instruments with high predictive value, (large groups of) applicants can be pre-screened, increasing their chances of success in their roles.
  • Online assessments enables remote recruitment. Only the most suitable candidates are then interviewed, saving time and money.

Online assessment: convenience and time savings, as well as lower costs

Many types of tests and questionnaires are now available online and can be completed at home or in another setting. Sometimes, this can also be done in a controlled context. An online assessment can usually be conducted more quickly, thereby shortening the duration of the recruitment process. For these reasons, online assessments are fast, easy, cost-effective, and reliable. The absence of the need for specialists makes the process more accessible. Results are immediately available, and comparing candidates is simpler. This objectifies the view of candidates and prevents incorrect decisions due to unconscious biases during the recruitment process. As a result, there is a better match on competencies, enhancing diversity and inclusivity in the workplace.

TestGroup's job-specific online assessments

TestGroup also offers online assessments that are specially designed for various roles, such as in sales, HR, recruitment, finance, management, call center and customer support, or at startups. These online assessments aim to accurately assess whether an individual possesses the right skills and qualities for these specific jobs. They provide a clear picture of where someone excels and where they are less proficient, and whether they would be a good fit for the role. This helps to simplify and improve the process of finding the right people for a job. With TestGroup's online assessments, you can more easily determine if someone, for example, is a good salesperson, a meticulous financial expert, a progressive manager, or a precise legal worker. They are perfectly tailored to meet the specific requirements of each job.

Online assessments: instruction for candidates

Candidates and employees that are going to complete TestGroup's online assessment are advised to visit the instruction page for candidates, which contains instruction for The Bridge Personality test and the Bridge Ability Suite. The Bridge Personality evaluates personal work traits, aiding in career alignment, while the Ability Suite assesses abstract, numerical, and verbal skills essential for job performance. Detailed manuals for each component are available for download, providing comprehensive preparation instructions. This preparatory step is crucial for both the assessment process and professional development insights.

Online assessment books

TestGroup offers a comprehensive range of online assessment books, specifically tailored to their online assessments. The Bridge Personality and The Bridge 360, provides an invaluable resource for enhancing understanding and application of assessment results. These 40-page guides are especially useful for candidates who have completed TestGroup's online assessment, offering in-depth analysis and actionable insights. The collection includes a specialized book for sales professionals, aimed at maximizing the benefits of The Bridge Personality's sales report, along with editions focusing on understanding personal Jung Types and leveraging Bridge 360 reports to craft effective Personal Development Plans.

TestGroup's FAQ about online assessments

TestGroup's FAQ about online assessments provides essential information for candidates about to undertake an online assessment. An e-assessment is a psychological examination composed of online tests, designed to offer insights into a candidate's qualities and potential, aiding both the individual and their (potential) employer. It typically includes a personality test, an ability test, and a career test, each serving a specific purpose. The ability test evaluates logical, linguistic, and numerical aptitudes and is a strong predictor of job performance. Time management is crucial in these tests, but not completing all questions isn't necessarily negative. The personality test, like The Bridge Personality, assesses traits based on the Big Five model, with no right or wrong answers. Lastly, the career test, such as The Bridge Career, helps candidates in career decision-making by evaluating professional interests and preferences, using models like the RIASEC model (Holland codes) and career anchors of Schein. This comprehensive FAQ section ensures candidates are well-prepared and informed for their e-assessments.

Preparing applicants and employees for an online assessment: A guide for companies and organizations

Technical requirements and preparation:

Begin by ensuring that candidates have the appropriate hardware for the online assessment. While most tests are compatible with smartphones and tablets, it's preferable to use a PC, laptop, or notebook for better visibility and ease of use. Candidates should be advised to use the latest version of their web browser and ensure a stable internet connection to avoid technical disruptions. Additionally, inform them that, although generally not required, certain tests might demand additional materials such as a calculator, pen, and paper for note-taking, especially for tests involving multiple steps or complex calculations.

Understanding the assessment structure:

Emphasize the importance of candidates familiarizing themselves with the structure and format of online assessments. Encourage them to view the instruction page for candidates to see how each test works, thereby gaining familiarity with the functions and design of the test interface. This preparation can significantly reduce test anxiety and improve performance. Address concerns about nervousness by reminding candidates that it's a natural response and can be beneficial in focusing attention and energy. Inform them that prior knowledge isn’t required for the tests but becoming comfortable with the online test environment is beneficial.

Scheduling and test environment:

Guide candidates to schedule their assessment at a time when they feel most alert and focused, whether it’s during the day or at night. Stress the importance of a distraction-free environment; once a test is started, it cannot be paused or resumed later. This requires ensuring a quiet atmosphere and sufficient uninterrupted time to complete the test from start to finish. Advise them to turn off phones and notify family or roommates not to disturb them until the test is complete. Inform them about the typical duration of the assessment and that while they have several days to complete all necessary tests, individual tests are time-bound and can’t be interrupted.

Assessment integrity and retesting policy:

Clearly communicate the expectation of honest participation in the online assessment. Highlight that retests are common, especially during follow-up interviews, where a repeat module from the online assessment might be administered. This serves to verify the authenticity of the initial test results. Inform candidates that any form of cheating will result in immediate exclusion from the selection process. Additionally, advise candidates to balance speed with accuracy in their responses. Speed is important, but incorrect answers can negatively impact final results. Remind them that it’s normal not to complete all questions within the allotted time, especially in ability tests, as the time constraint is part of the test design to differentiate between candidates.

Online assessment: training for companies and organizations

The in-company online assessment training offers a comprehensive one-day program designed to equip participants with the skills to effectively use The Bridge Personality (personality test) and The Bridge Ability Suite (aptitude test) in selection and advisory contexts. This training, ideal for recruiters, recruitment & selection consultants, HR managers, coaches, and career advisors, focuses on administering online assessments, interpreting results, and providing accurate feedback. Offered either on-site or online, the training accommodates up to 12 participants. It includes practical sessions on conducting online assessments and tests with candidates, understanding function analysis using the 34 Big Five competencies, and applying the 16 Jung Types and the 4-color report in professional scenarios. Each participant receives an account on the Bridge Assessment Platform, enabling immediate application of Bridge instruments within their organization.

Training in implementing online assessments in organizations

The training covers a range of topics essential for proficiently implementing online assessments in daily work, particularly in recruitment and selection processes. Participants will learn about the scientific background of the instruments, the use of aptitude tests during selection, and ethical practices in online assessment. They will also gain experience in providing feedback on assessment results to candidates and clients. Before the training, participants are invited to complete The Bridge Personality online and are provided with materials including a guide on The Bridge Personality and The Bridge Ability Suite and booklets for candidates and sales. This preparatory step ensures that participants are well-versed in the theory and practical application of these assessment tools, enabling them to conduct independent online assessments within their organizations.

Online assessment for startups

The online assessment for startups, developed by TestGroup, is a specialized tool designed to meet the unique requirements of startup environments. Recognizing that success in a startup hinges not just on the product or market but significantly on the skills and competencies of its employees, this assessment provides vital insights within 45 minutes. It evaluates whether a candidate possesses the necessary attributes to thrive in the dynamic and often demanding startup setting. Key competencies assessed include sales skills, creativity, drive, flexibility, proactivity, persistence, cost awareness, social skills, and entrepreneurship. This assessment is particularly useful for startups due to the need for employees to work flexibly and adaptably in small, versatile teams, often with overlapping responsibilities and minimal supervision. The flexibility and accountability required in a startup contrast sharply with the more structured environment of larger, established companies. TestGroup's online assessment for startups is tailored to assist entrepreneurs and startup HR managers in identifying candidates and employees who can effectively navigate and contribute to the startup's growth. It's also valuable for addressing career development, training needs, and outplacement services, available in 20 languages, making it a versatile tool for global startups.

Online assessment for marketing and communication

The online assessment for marketing and communication professionals, is a comprehensive tool designed to evaluate the suitability of candidates for roles in this dynamic field. This assessment includes both an ability test and a personality test, focusing on competencies particularly relevant to marketing and communication roles. Key competencies assessed include openness to feedback, verbal skills, networking, creativity, social interaction, writing skills, customer orientation, entrepreneurship, planning and organizing, and stress resistance. The assessment is customizable, allowing companies to tailor it to specific job requirements or organizational needs. It provides an objective analysis of a candidate's qualities and areas for improvement, aiding in the efficient screening of applicants. The assessment is available at various educational levels (MBO, HBO, WO) and in 20 languages, ensuring accessibility and relevance across a diverse range of candidates. Additionally, the online format allows for flexibility in testing locations, whether at home or in an office setting. This online assessment tool is not only scientifically reliable and valid but also readily available, with the ability to set it up within an hour, making it a valuable resource for companies seeking to enhance their marketing and communication teams.

Online assessment for managers

The online assessment for managers, is a tailored tool designed to discern and develop leadership qualities in managerial candidates. This assessment, available in 20 languages, evaluates specific management competencies and leadership roles, making it an essential resource for organizations looking to recruit or develop effective leaders. It offers insights into whether a candidate is more of a manager or a leader, their leadership style, suitable leading roles, and their inherent leadership qualities and potential pitfalls. The competencies assessed include leadership, coaching, group-oriented leadership, delegating, planning and organizing, progress monitoring, inspiring and motivating, and result-orientation. With a duration of 90 minutes, the assessment is thorough yet efficient. It is customizable, allowing for the inclusion of additional competencies based on organizational needs. This assessment is particularly valuable for recruitment and selection of managers, management development, training of leaders, forming management teams, and leadership training programs. Organizations can order this assessment per candidate or through an account on the access platform, providing flexibility in how they choose to utilize this tool.

Online assessment for legal recruitment

The online assessment for finance recruitment, is a strategic tool aimed at enhancing the selection process for financial roles. In the financial sector, where hiring the wrong candidate can be costly, this assessment plays a crucial role in identifying the most suitable applicants. It evaluates a candidate's qualifications, competencies essential for financial positions, and their strengths, weaknesses, and potential risks of failure. This assessment includes both an ability test and a personality test, focusing on key competencies such as analytical ability, flexibility, empathy, coaching, communication skills, customer orientation, decisiveness, and planning and organizing. Customizable to meet specific needs, these competencies can be tailored to align with unique organizational requirements. TestGroup collaborates with leading companies and organizations in the financial sector to transform people data into measurable business outcomes, offering assessments at various job levels and for different financial positions. This specialized online assessment tool is an invaluable resource for ensuring that finance candidates not only have the right IQ and critical thinking skills but also the personality traits desirable in the financial industry.

Online assessment for sales jobs

The Bridge: Sales Performance is an innovative online sales assessment designed to objectively evaluate a candidate’s sales abilities, crucial in selecting the right personnel for sales roles. Unlike traditional interviews where sales candidates can easily impress with persuasive communication, this assessment provides a concrete analysis of their practical sales capabilities and potential to achieve top results. It includes detailed evaluations on six critical steps of sales: planning and preparation, making contact, building desire, presenting the solution, closing the deal, and managing client relationships. Additionally, it assesses candidates on four sales types: Hunter, Consultant, Farmer, and Negotiator. This comprehensive report is available in 20 languages and offers a clear, compact overview of a candidate’s commercial success factors and risk areas. Developed by TestGroup’s research & development team and based on scientific research, the assessment is a reliable and scientifically validated tool. It has been widely used by recruiters worldwide for over 15 years, proving its effectiveness in optimizing sales team performance. After completing the assessment, two reports are provided: a sales report and an extensive personality report, giving a complete profile of the candidate's sales skills and suitability for specific sales positions.

Testgroup's online assessment platform

TestGroup's online assessment platform is a professional, reliable, and user-friendly web application designed for the independent administration of online assessments by companies and organizations. This versatile platform enables users to assign assessments to candidates or employees efficiently, operating smoothly and used by renowned assessment agencies and organizations globally. It offers a wide array of tests, such as a 16 personality test, available in 20 languages, catering to diverse assessment needs. The platform provides flexible purchasing options, including credit purchases or subscriptions for unlimited use, making it both accessible and cost-effective. Additionally, the platform is backed by scientific research, with all tests developed by TestGroup’s research & development team in collaboration with universities. These tests are adept at predicting work behavior through personality questionnaires and intelligence tests. As a test publisher, TestGroup offers a range of assessments including personality, competence, ability, career, and sales assessments. The platform is turnkey-ready within a day and does not require mandatory training, as TestGroup consultants are always available for support. This makes the Bridge online assessment platform a comprehensive tool for organizations seeking to enhance their recruitment, selection, and employee development processes.

Online assessments based on scientific research

All Bridge instruments have been developed by TestGroup's research & development team in collaboration with universities worldwide. TestGroup specializes in predicting work behavior using personality questionnaires and cognitive ability tests. We advise organizations around the globe on the application of online assessments. TestGroup also publishes scientific articles about online assessments in collaboration with various universities. Click this link to view one of our studies. 

Sample reports

Because TestGroup is a test publisher, we have access to many different online assessments in a variety of languages. You can choose from a personality test, competence test, ability test, career test, or sales test; simply indicate which test you want to include in the online assessment. If you are unsure, we will be happy to advise you on the most suitable test for a specific position.

Video: The Bridge Assessment Platform

With an account on the Bridge Assessment Platform, you can invite candidates, administer online assessments, and order reports 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world. The Bridge Assessment platform is used by companies, governments, psychologists, recruiters, and coaches in over 20 countries. The system is easy to use, and no extensive training is required. You can also start immediately: your account will be ready in 1 day..

Frequently asked questions about TestGroup's online assessment

  • What is an online assessment?

  • An online assessment is a collection of online tests and questionnaires that are administered to a candidate during selection, recruitment, or development. It usually consists of an ability test and a personality test, but other tests and components are also possible. With an online assessment, you gain insight into the competences, personality, and intelligence of your candidate.

  • Why should I use an online assessment for the selection of my candidate?

  • At TestGroup, we always first explore and determine the competencies that are important for the position that you are using the online assessment for. If the scores of the online assessment deviate from this, then we advise you not to hire the candidate. We always give you a clear explanation. You can also always go through the online assessment reports with a TestGroup consultant by telephone (free service).

  • Which tests (components) are included in the online assessment?

  • As standard, we include a personality test and an ability test in the online assessment. If you wish to include other parts, such as a career test or an online interview, that is also possible. We always advise you which tests best suit your job profile or situation.

  • What are the benefits of using online tests for recruitment or hiring decisions?

  • An organization can save a lot of money and time with an online assessment. It is a lot cheaper than a standard assessment and can be used immediately (within 30 minutes) after the application. The online assessment can therefore be taken faster, and, if necessary, by more candidates. And, of course, everything online, so you can conveniently get started right away.

  • In which languages is TestGroup's online assessment available?

  • Because TestGroup has distributors all over the world, our tests are available in more than 20 languages. You can therefore also take an online assessment with candidates who do not speak Dutch. The reports are also available in more than 20 languages. Feel free to call us to inquire which languages are available.

  • What are the costs?

  • The cost depends on which tests you include in the online assessment. On our prices page, you will find the prices of the individual tests (separate purchase per candidate) and the prices of the subscriptions. When taking out a subscription (credits or unlimited use), the costs per candidate are a lot lower.

  • Will I receive an explanation about the reports afterwards?

  • Yes! If desired, you can go through the reports with a TestGroup consultant by telephone afterwards. You can provide a date and time for this to our customer service. You will then be contacted by a consultant who will go through the reports with you and possibly advise you on the suitability or areas for development of your candidate. This is a free service that we provide to our customers.

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