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The Bridge Personality: Team Workshop

Wednesday 05 June 2024

What would you like to achieve with your team? What are the goals of your team? What are the points of improvement and in what areas can your team use some extra motivation? The Bridge Personality Team Workshop helps teams perform better.

The Bridge Personality Team Workshop

Increase team performance

Teams are the building blocks of your organization. Successful teams ensure better results, a more positive atmosphere and more productivity. However, it would even benefit the best teams to regularly analyze their behavior, especially in times of change or new challenges.

Why team building with The Bridge Personality:

  • Improve results of teams;
  • Improve communication within teams;
  • Improve cooperation;
  • Increase mutual understanding;
  • Fewer conflicts, more positivity.

The Bridge Personality Team Report

No matter what team you are working with, the Bridge Personality team report helps people work together more effectively, increasing the success of the organization. The Bridge Personality provides unique insight into what motivates people. By making use of the team report, you will be able to gain a team analysis quickly and with it, you will gain exercises and advice for increasing team performance.

The workshop provides answers to the following questions:

  • Am I aware of my own preferred styles?
  • Why is communication with certain team members sometimes difficult?
  • Are we optimally making use of the differences in our team?

Goal of The Bridge Personality team workshop

  • Contributing to individual development of team members;
  • Improving cooperation by recognizing values of the different team members;
  • Improving a comfortable working climate.


Prior to a team workshop, each team member will receive an invitation to fill out The Bridge Personality online. During the workshop, each team member will receive his or her Bridge Personality 4-colour report. The Bridge Personality team report is drafted for the entire team.

Booking a teamworkshop

Contact us here to book a team workshop. A TestGroup trainer will discuss with you any specific wishes and will create a custom team workshop program.


TestGroup supports organizations by giving professional and inspiring team development workshops. We have more than 12 years experience in improving team performance in various organizations, including Microsoft and Shell. These and other companies have profited off of our teambuilding sessions, exercises and other team developments by making use of The Bridge Personality.

Video: the Bridge Assessment Platform

With an account on the Bridge Assessment Platform, you can invite candidates, administer online assessments, and order reports, 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world. The Bridge Assessment platform is used by companies, governments, psychologists, recruiters, and coaches in over 20 countries. The system is easy to use, so there is no need for extensive training. Also, you can start immediately; your account will be ready in just 1 day.

This is what our satisfied customers say about us

“For Young Group, the results of The Bridge Personality tests do not only provide insights into recruitment. They are also a guideline for the long term, both for the manager and for the development of the employee.”

Anne Huijgen

Young Group