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Experience of Vibe Group with The Bridge Personality

Connecting highly skilled IT professionals with the right organizations is what Vibe Group dedicates itself to daily, both within the Netherlands and beyond. Through the four brands under the Vibe Group umbrella, clients can receive highly specialized support for their IT challenges. "We work with the top segment of the market, so you need to be able to engage with clients and candidates at a certain level," says Dietske Koolhaas of Vibe Group. As Manager Talent & Acquisition, she is responsible for the recruitment of commercial talent within the organization. For the past four years, they have been using The Bridge Personality personality test and the Bridge Personality sales assessment from TestGroup.

Experience of Vibe Group with The Bridge Personality
“The online assessments from TestGroup are a real asset in the process of finding the right people.”
Dietske Koolhaas - Experience of Vibe Group with The Bridge Personality

"We consider it important that our sales consultants have a genuine entrepreneurial mindset. To assess this, The Bridge Personality test is a fixed part of the recruitment process after an initial introductory interview at the office. In collaboration with TestGroup, we have created a customized competency profile for this purpose. Online assessments don't provide guarantees, but they do provide insight. You are compared to a large group of sales professionals in such a test, which gives us insight into what type of person someone is and where there are still opportunities for growth."

"Online assessments don't provide guarantees, but they do provide insight."

Benefits for the candidate

"Furthermore, you show the candidate that you want to professionally guide them through the recruitment process. There is no right or wrong; it's simply about who you are as a person. But if you discover during the process that someone really doesn't fit in a sales role, then you need to be able to be honest with each other about that. So, it's nice that you can assess that beforehand." With the labor market's scarcity, Dietske is not afraid that a critical recruitment process will make it even harder to find suitable candidates. "For us, online assessments are truly an added value in the process. We are already very critical of the people we interview and expect a certain level of maturity. Someone must be results-oriented, eager to learn, open to feedback, and able to turn a 'no' into a 'yes'. In the report, we see how someone scores on these competencies. The outcome usually confirms what we discussed during the introductory interview. We also use The Bridge Personality as a tool to discuss sample situations. A test gives you the objective outcome, but the conversation is needed for further depth. It's important that the team managers can interpret these assessments well and have those conversations based on them. Therefore, earlier this year, we had another 1-day Bridge qualification training from TestGroup and updated our competency profile. The collaboration is always pleasant."

"Working with TestGroup is always pleasant."

Attracting new talent

Of course, a thorough recruitment process alone is not sufficient for finding good sales personnel. This is also a challenge for Vibe Group. However, this high-performance organization has the reins in its own hands to find and retain the right candidates. "We have a culture of young, driven, and motivated people, and we take good care of them. Besides celebrating successes and promoting a healthy lifestyle, we distinguish ourselves mainly through a very professional learning & development department. This allows us to train young people completely internally. We offer someone the opportunity to specialize completely and become very successful in it. This also means that people like to come for interviews with us. Candidates are regularly recommended by an employee of Vibe Group. This not only means they are enthusiastic about that person but also about Vibe Group. That's a real compliment."

This is what our satisfied customers say about us

“With TestGroup's online assessments, we can better support someone in their future role as a leader.”

Hans van den Brink, Radboudumc - Adviseur Leadership Development

Experience of Radboudumc with The Bridge Personality