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Personality Type INTJ: Scholar

Scholars (INTJ) generally have a clear vision of their future and are motivated organizers. They want to put their ideas into practice. They are fond of a complex challenge or situation, easily discerning structure in difficult situations or theories. They value knowledge and proficiency in themselves and others. They dislike chaos, confusion, ambiguity, or inefficient working. They can be guided by their intuition in devising complex structures or ideas for the future.

Preferences of the INTJ:

  • Independent, original, and determined
  • Able to translate theories into solid action plans
  • Value knowledge, competence, and structure
  • Long-term thinkers
  • Set high standards for their performance and that of others

How do others view INTJs?

Scholars are often seen as calm, determined, and confident. They do not always enjoy engaging in conversations, especially with people they do not know. They do not always express their most valuable side, their creative insights. However, they come up with logical decisions, opinions, and plans. They are sometimes seen as quirky, often to their own surprise. They see themselves as willing to revise an opinion if there is evidence or other good reasons for it.

Others view INTJs as:

  • Reserved
  • Enigmatic
  • Sometimes distant
  • Original and independent

Pitfalls and development points of the INTJ:

When INTJs find themselves in a place where they cannot use their characteristics and talents, they can sometimes:

  • Overlook details or facts that do not fit into their creative idea
  • Become aloof and abrupt
  • Give little information about what is going on in their heads
  • Show little appreciation for other people
  • Feel lonely at the top

Scholars form a small part of the population, only two percent. It is often difficult for them to find others with the same intellectual interest and tactical skills. Scholars are innovative and determined, have grand ambitions but prefer to work alone, they are always curious but will never waste their energy frivolously.

With the right mindset, any goal is achievable as children, INTJs often already show a natural thirst for knowledge and are called "bookworms." They wear this title with pride and enjoy the deep knowledge they acquire. Although Scholars like to share knowledge, they prefer developing and executing ingenious plans in their field rather than engaging in less interesting matters like gossip.

Scholars are sometimes an enigma to others; they can handle contradictions that seem illogical to others. They are both idealistic and cynical, which seems contradictory. Scholars believe that anything is possible with hard work and intelligence, but they also often think that people are too lazy or self-centered to truly achieve something great. However, a skeptical view of reality does not prevent them from achieving results they believe in.

Stand firm in your principles INTJs exude confidence and often have a mysterious aura. With their sharp insights, original ideas, and strong logic, they can implement changes with willpower and personality. They often seem to want to dissect and improve every idea or system they encounter, displaying a certain degree of perfectionism and moralism. Those who cannot keep up with their way of thinking quickly lose their respect.

Rules, limitations, and traditions are things Scholars have little regard for – everything must be open to question. Once Scholars find a better way, they often act quickly and independently to implement their advanced and sometimes insensitive methods.

This does not mean they are impulsive – Scholars want to remain rational, no matter how tempting the end goal. They apply unyielding logic to everything and everyone, and that is sometimes precisely where problems begin.

Scholars are confident about the knowledge they have acquired, but social skills are often not their strongest point. Small lies or small talk do not suit those who seek truth and depth, and they often find social conventions meaningless. Ironically, they often feel most comfortable out of the spotlight, where they are at ease in familiar environments and naturally confident, attracting people with similar interests.

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