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Online intelligence test: test your candidate's cognitive ability

Wednesday 05 June 2024

Even in a tight job market, you still have something to choose from. Whether you get one, two, three, or fifty-four applicants for a job opening, you want to be sure you hire someone who will successfully fill the position. Even if you only get one response to the job posting, it is good to look critically. In many cases, it is better to keep the vacancy unfilled a little longer than to hire the wrong person. After all, the cost of a "bad hire" is enormous; it can amount to as much as a third of the annual salary.

When selecting personnel, you have a lot of sources of information: the cover letter and resume, the candidate's public LinkedIn profile, and, of course, the candidate's impression at the interview. However, these classic sources are not 100 percent objective.

Do you want assurance about a candidate's competencies and intelligence? Test your candidate's intelligence objectively and scientifically. Academic research tells us that a candidate's abilities or intelligence say a lot about the likelihood that someone will be professionally successful.

Intelligence tests are more accessible

For a long time, conducting an intelligence or cognitive ability test was the exception to the rule. The cost of a comprehensive assessment was high, partly because the candidate spent a day being subjected to a variety of tests and interviews. Thanks to technological innovations, assessments, competency tests, and intelligence tests have become a lot more accessible.

Especially with lightning-fast IT developments, it is no longer necessary for the candidate to go through an entire day of assessment. You no longer need a whole battery of psychologists for it either. You can measure an applicant's abilities very reliably these days with an online intelligence test.

What is an online cognitive ability test

An online cognitive ability test is a full-fledged and professional IQ-Test administered online. The Bridge Ability online intelligence test was developed by a team of research methodologists, HRM professionals and

The candidate can complete the competency test as soon as it is prepared. This can already be within half an hour after the test has been ordered. The applicant decides where and when to complete the questionnaire. As soon as the last question of the online intelligence test is completed and the answers are sent, the artificial intelligence (AI) of the online intelligence test begins the analysis. Within minutes, a reliable report rolls out, from which you can draw very clear conclusions.

Who is the online intelligence test for?

The Bridge Ability Suite online intelligence test allows companies and organizations to make an informed conclusion about the intelligence of job applicants and internal candidates. It is suitable for adults with different levels of education.

The online intelligence test is focused on work situations and is available for MBO, college, and WO levels. Because the competency test is adapted to the level of education, you can be sure that intelligence is measured, without prior education coloring the results.

The test examines the candidate's cognitive abilities, looking at three-four different dimensions, namely numerical aptitude, linguistic understanding, and the ability to think logically. The Bridge Ability does this quickly, efficiently, and at a particularly low rate.

What is the predictive value of a cognitive ability test?

The results of the cognitive ability test have great predictive value. The report tells something about someone's maximum level of performance. The results can therefore be used with confidence to see whether someone is suitable for a position or promotion, as well as whether someone is eligible for (additional) training or a Management Development (MD) program.

How reliable is an online intelligence test

The number of online intelligence tests is enormous. Not all online competency tests are equally reliable. Free intelligence tests are interesting at best, but in most cases, they are little more than entertainment. It is also good to be critical with paid intelligence tests.

A good intelligence test is reliable, valid, and relevant. Reliable means that the results of the test are correct. If you were to take the test again, you would get the same results. Top experts in research methodology were involved in the development of The Bridge Ability.

A valid test also measures what you mean to measure. An intelligence test should measure intelligence. That's why The Bridge Ability's online tests are available at various levels of education and in more than 20 languages. This is how noise is removed.

Finally, test results must be relevant. Answers are only valuable if you can do something with them in practice. This is why professionals from the business world were involved in the development of The Bridge online intelligence test.

The development of The Bridge Ability was never finished. The test is now used daily by 5,000 professionals, who together test 250,000 candidates each year. The feedback we receive from our users and test candidates is combined with innovations and scientific breakthroughs used to make the online intelligence test just a little bit better every time.

This makes making the right choice very easy!

This is what our satisfied customers say about us

“For Young Group, the results of The Bridge Personality tests do not only provide insights into recruitment. They are also a guideline for the long term, both for the manager and for the development of the employee.”

Anne Huijgen

Young Group