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The Bridge Personality test also available in German

Wednesday 05 June 2024

The Bridge Personality personality test is now also available in German. In addition to German, TestGroup offers The Bridge Personality in English, French, Portuguese, Polish, Lithuanian, Czech, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, and Dutch.

The Bridge Personality now available in German

The Bridge Personality is the most commonly used personality test for the selection and development of employees. This test is specifically aimed at work situations and ensures that the candidate always receives questions that are most relevant to him/her. The Bridge Personality uses algorithms that adjust the questions in the test if the candidate tries to "steer" the test or try to respond in a dishonest or socially desirable way.

How does it work?

The Bridge Personality is a reliable and valid personality test that provides insight into the personality and competencies of your employees and applicants. Because The Bridge Personality uses algorithms to measure whether your candidate has been honest during the completion process, you always get a reliable and valid overview of your candidate or employee.


  • You can order a Bridge Personality per candidate;
  • Rates starting from € 110;
  • Only available to companies and organizations;
  • We prepare The Bridge Personality for your candidate the same day;
  • Your candidate completes the test;
  • If desired, you can go through the reports by telephone afterwards with a TestGroup consultant;
  • Big purchase? Then get your own account on the Bridge Assessment Platform.


  • Can be used for selection and development of personnel;
  • No mandatory training required;
  • Based on the Big Five, the 16 Jung Types and the well-known 4-color model;
  • Available in 20 languages;
  • Can be used with a custom report: select the desired competencies yourself;
  • Measure whether your candidate has been honest during the completion;
  • The most used personality test in the Benelux.

Has your candidate been honest? Find out with Normative-Ipsative split technology®

A modern (adaptive) personality test, such as The Bridge Personality uses both normative and ipsative statements. Normative means that the candidate scores a statement on a scale from one to nine (1 = very strongly disagree, 9 = very strongly agree). In this case, Ipsative means that candidates must rank questions (1 = least applicable to me, 6 = most applicable to me).

By combining normative and ipsative statements, it is possible to provide insight into socially desirable response behavior and consenting responses up to the level of the personality dimension. Using Normative-Ipsative split technology®, The Bridge Personality then provides insight into steering response behavior. Normative-Ipsative splits® are indicators in the Bridge Personality Short Report that can indicate the degree of steering response behavior at the level of a competency. This way, you can see exactly where a candidate has doubts or where the candidate made an attempt to complete the test in a dishonest or socially desirable way. It is truly an indispensable tool during the selection of candidates

Video : The Bridge Personality

Are you looking for the best personality questionnaire available? A personality questionnaire that prevents your candidates from faking their answers? A personality questionnaire that can be used for recruitment, coaching and improving sales performance? Welcome to the Bridge Personality, a world-leading personality questionnaire that really helps organizations to recruit, select and develop the best employees.

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