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The Bridge Personality: 4-colours

Wednesday 05 June 2024

The 4-colour model in The Bridge Personality

For more than 15 years, The Bridge Personality has been the go-to personality test for companies and organizations across numerous countries. It's not only ideal for selection and recruitment processes but also an excellent tool for the development of your employees. You have the option to order this personality test for individual candidates or utilize it through a cost-effective subscription plan.

What sets The Bridge Personality apart is its high reliability and validity, making it an exceptional test for understanding the personality traits and competencies of your employees and job applicants. The test features advanced algorithms that adjust the questions if a candidate attempts to influence the test results or respond in a socially desirable way. This innovative approach in personality testing ensures that each candidate is presented with the most pertinent questions, making The Bridge Personality a 'smart personality test' for your hiring and employee development needs.

The Bridge Personality 4 colour model, based on the 16 Personality Types, displays personality in 4 colours. Now available to candidates that have completed The Bridge Personality personality test.

The 4 colours of The Bridge Personality

The Bridge Personality measures personality in 34 personality traits (Big Five) and behaviour preferences in 16 Jung Types. Now there is also The Bridge Colour report, available for candidates that have completed The Bridge Personality test. The Bridge Colour report, based on the 16 Jung Types, shows personalities in 4 colours:

  • Blue: makes decisions with correct and complete information;
  • Green: creates harmony and value relationships;
  • Yellow: enthusiastically creates dynamics in a group;
  • Red: goal-oriented towards an optimal result.

Bridge Colour wheel

The colour profile of the candidate is displayed in the Bridge Colour Wheel. This wheel displays the preferences of the candidate. This wheel is also able to show the preferences of team members.

Order The Bridge Colour

The Bridge Colour can be ordered as a separate test (per candidate) or through an account in our assessment platform.

The Bridge Colour & Teams

Do you want to find out how your team will function better and happier? The Bridge Personality 4- Colour report is now available for teams as well. This team report will help you to get a handle on better cooperation in teams. With The Bridge Colour colleagues will learn to understand each other better and leading and coaching will be a lot more efficient.

Other reports for The Bridge Personality

More information

Do you want more information about The Bridge Personality or the 4-colour model? Then contact us here.

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