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How do you let the Great Resignation pass you by?

Wednesday 05 June 2024

Like so many trends, the “Great Resignation” began in the United States. RTL News reported that just over 4.5 million Americans resigned in November 2021. That's a lot of people, even compared to the "usual" 3.5 million resignees a month.

The cause? The coronavirus pandemic. People suddenly had to work from home and, in isolation, began to think about their motivations and whether their work actually suited them. This didn't just happen in a few companies; it appears to be a trend that continues to affect all parts of the economy. Economists are already calling this wave of layoffs the Great Resignation. Yet certain sectors and companies are more sensitive than others.

For example, in the Netherlands, there has not (yet) been a mass exodus of personnel. However, here too, labor mobility is increasing, and people have been thinking more and more about the role their work plays in their lives.

Especially in the hospitality and healthcare sectors, people are quitting earlier. This is logical, because after two years of lockdowns, hospitality workers have had enough of the uncertainty. And in health care, more and more professionals are throwing in the towel. They may have received massive applause in 2020, but their working conditions have not improved while the workload is enormous. They are going to practice their profession with another employer, or they are going in a completely different direction.

SMEs also appear to be having a relatively difficult time attracting and retaining quality staff.

When people don't become happy

Many people who resign do so because they are not happy in their jobs. They do not see their motives reflected in their work; they work mainly for the salary. Before covid-19, this was often compensated by the work atmosphere, but now that more and more people are working remotely, the feeling of belonging to the employer and colleagues is decreasing.

Not enough challenge

It may be that an employee has been in the same place for years. He or she has "mastered the art" and is functioning fine. But is this employee really satisfied? Or is it mainly the social aspects of the work that bind him or her together? If an employee feels insufficiently challenged in his job and also sits alone at home all day, the chance increases that another job will suddenly seem very attractive.

Too much challenge

Back in the old days of working, it was relatively easy to sound the alarm when the workload became too great. Working from home provides new, additional, challenges. Moreover, it is less readily apparent when an employee is struggling. An employee who feels like he is working extremely hard, but at the same time feels isolated can become dissatisfied. Even within hybrid working, it is essential to keep your finger on the pulse so that you know when your colleague is being challenged a little too much.

Prevent employees from leaving

With the shortage in the labor market, it's important to retain talent. But how? Raise wages. In some industries, where employees feel underpaid, this will make a difference. Or organize a company party to strengthen the bonds.

These kinds of interventions seem like a solution. But the dissatisfaction remains. An unpleasant work atmosphere won't get better by giving everyone an extra 10%. The feeling that you are in a bullshit job does not go away by a fancy drink on Friday afternoon.

Try to discover the real problem. When you know the root cause, only then can you look for a real solution. Often that's tricky to do.

Know what drives your employee

Do you know the motivations of all your employees? Really? The online career test The Bridge Career takes barely 45 minutes. Your employees take it online, after which you will see in a scientifically substantiated report exactly what motivates your employees, what competencies he or she possesses and what career path is most suitable.

Do you see differences between what your employee likes and can do and the content of his or her job? Start a conversation. Perhaps you can make the function more attractive with some small adjustments, which can bind valuable talent to you. Or perhaps someone is perfectly suited to another (open) position.

Take the time to find the right match

Sometimes it is not possible to adapt a job's content to an employee's motivations. When he or she leaves, a vacancy arises. Naturally, you want to fill this as quickly as possible. However, it pays to take the time for a careful selection. If you don't want your new employee to leave just as quickly as they arrive, it is important to ensure a good match between the their motives and the position.

With an online personality test you know exactly what kind of people you are dealing with. The online personality test is available at different levels of education and can be taken in just 20 minutes. It will take the candidate less than an hour to answer all the questions, and you will immediately have a report in your hands that will allow you to assess whether they would suit the role you have to offer.

To measure is to know

A good personality test or online career test are just what you need to offer the employees in your organization a job that makes them happy. Do you have happy employees? If so, the Great Resignation may pass you by without doing any damage.

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