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How to purchase tests and online assessments from TestGroup

Wednesday 05 June 2024

TestGroup offers various tests and online assessments with which you can test the personality traits and abilities of potential employees, among other things. You can purchase the tests and online assessments separately (per candidate) or sign up for a subscription using credits or with unlimited use. In this article, we explain how you can buy tests and online assessments and how the packages are set up.

Buy tests and online assessments: individual purchase

If you occasionally need a test or online assessment to test employees or applicants, it is best to opt for a separate administration of a certain test. This is the cheapest option if you need less than 10 tests per year. The test you choose is immediately prepared by TestGroup. As a result, the candidate can start the test within just 30 minutes from ordering. You can choose from all available tests when taking single orders. You avoid fixed costs because it is a one-time purchase, and the payment is made afterward by invoice.

You don't have to do any qualification training to administer any of our tests, which are available in more than 20 languages. After the test is completed, TestGroup consultants can review the results with you. The reports after a test are immediately available so that you can quickly proceed with the next steps after taking the test.

Order using credits

Buying tests and online assessments using credits is an economical way to buy tests for companies that regularly test candidates. This package is perfect for regular purchases. The more credits you buy, the lower the price per credit. With the purchase of credits, you get up to 60% discount on test and assessment use.

To use credits, you need to first create an account. Payment for tests is done afterward by invoice and the tests can be provided with their own look and feel. This makes the test recognizable for applicants and employees. After the test, the reports are immediately available again and you can discuss the results with a TestGroup consultant.

Buy tests and online assessments: unlimited use

If you work in a company where turnover is very high, you may opt for our unlimited use package, which is suitable for high-volume orders. You get your own account with TestGroup and you can pay for the tests and assessments in monthly installments. The payment is again done afterward by invoice and, with this package, you save up to 80% on the purchase of our tests.

You can buy tests and assessments separately, using credits or with a Bridge Assessment subscription. If you choose to buy a single test, you must submit an application. You can do this via our order page. If you choose to use our services regularly or often, it is cheaper to create an account and use our credits. Are you curious about how TestGroup can help you with the recruitment, selection, and development of employees and candidates? Contact us for more information.

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