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Personal development with The Bridge Personality

Wednesday 05 June 2024

Personal development is all about enhancing your self-awareness, talents, and potential. It is, to use a cliché, about becoming the best version of yourself. By consciously working on personal development, you simultaneously improve the quality of your life and increase your chances of success on the job market. Personal development is therefore an indispensable ingredient in making your dreams and ambitions come true.

The world is changing faster than ever before, making personal development of paramount importance. Anyone who wants to remain competitive must also be willing to change and develop. This is crucial both for the individual and for organizations. After all, they depend on their employees for success.

The majority of companies and organizations now realize that they must help their employees in their personal development, for example, by offering offer numerous courses and seminars. Employees are trained in more effective communication, better cooperation, conducting sales interviews, etc.

What is needed for personal development?

For personal development, it is not enough to go to a course. Personal leadership, the ability to take responsibility, is at least as important. People who set their own goals generally work harder to achieve them. Someone with personal leadership works with passion, fits seamlessly in with your organization, and wants to deliver their best performance. But, most importantly, the employee has self-insight.

Start with self-insight

Sending employees on haphazard courses is no guarantee that personal development will be achieved. Not everyone needs the same thing. Why would you send someone who naturally communicates perfectly to follow a communication course?

Making the right choices starts with (self-)insight. Only when you know where you stand, who you are, and what your areas of improvement are can you determine which trainings, seminars, and books will help you further. There are various scientific models that help provide insight into someone's personality. As an HR professional who wants to facilitate the personal development of employees, gaining insight into someone's personality is crucial.

16 personality types of Jung

The well-known psychologist Jung developed a model in which a person's personality is measured on 4 dimensions, namely:

  • Extravert(E) of Introvert(I)
  • Sensing(S) of Intuition(N)
  • Thinking(T) of Feeling(F)
  • Judging(J) of Perceiving(P)

Within this model, resulting in 16 Jung Types, each person's personality can be represented according to four letters, for example INTP or ESTJ.

4-color personality model

Another widely used model is the 4-color model which builds on the work of Jung. In the 4-color model of personality, each color stands for a different type of person:

  • Blue: Someone with a "blue" personality is objective and analytical. They like structure and believe in data.
  • Red: Determined, assertive, and incisive are terms that fit the color red. Someone with a "red" personality has a positive attitude and goes for their goals.
  • Green: People with a "green" personality are calm. They are caring, harmonious, and place great importance on rapport.
  • Yellow: The last color, yellow, represents enthusiasm and vision. Someone with this color code is cheerful and animated.

Self-insight leads to empathy

A nice bonus of self-insight is that those who understand themselves generally also better understand others around them. By testing employees, you can form teams in which all qualities are present and differences can be appreciated and leveraged.

Online personality test provides self-insight

Achieving self-insight on your own is not an easy feat, as it is very difficult to judge yourself critically and objectively. We have traits that are visible to all but ourselves. Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham, the developers of the JoHari Window (1955), call this our blind spot, or the "bad breath" area. It's only when another person points it out that we know our breath doesn't smell so fresh

With an online personality test, you can quickly identify your strengths and weaknesses (including the Bad Breath), from unconscious incompetence to conscious incompetence. Learning where you need to improve is the first step that allows you to find the right learning school. You can set conscious goals and work on them gradually.

The online personality test “The Bridge Personality” created by TestGroup was developed by scientists and professionals. Thanks to its scientific foundation and validation, the test has great practical value in the workplace.

The Bridge Personality test is ready to be completed by the candidate online within thirty minutes of ordering in a place that is most convenient to them.

Then, thanks to the smart AI, within half an hour, a personality report is prepared that forms the basis for further development plans.

More information?

Want more than just the clear and compact report? Our TestGroup consultants are ready to discuss the results with you by telephone. 

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“For Young Group, the results of The Bridge Personality tests do not only provide insights into recruitment. They are also a guideline for the long term, both for the manager and for the development of the employee.”

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